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5nl FR Zoom - 77

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - 77

    Hi guys, could you please analyse my hand below. 5nl is being very brutal to me, either I am going to be a losing player, or I am going to go on a very long and big breakeven stretch. So much so, that my win rate is now at around 2.5bb/100, decreasing as I type - lol Things like this below, keep happening to me, if I call they have. Also AK and resteal, appear in my eyes, to be constantly getting called. Flop comes a blank, and I either have to give up on the flop, or on the turn. AAs & KKs, I haven't had an all-in for what appears to be a long time (it all could be in me head - lol). Yet I see it happen all round me, On the turn, I guess I could check here, but I will be guessing on the river and will probably have to sigh and call. However, I can keep putting on the pressure IP, and I could boat up on the river. Once he calls and donks the river, to me this really looks like a Flush trying to get value. At the very least he could also have a straight which beats me. aaaaaaAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! lol Cheers, Matt
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    Too bad the board ran out so grossly. I found at 5NL that many villains often bet the river with medium strength hands out of position - hoping to steal the pot. Or hoping that you were bluffing. This may even be a 'blocker' bet. As ugly as it is, this is probably a crying call, because often enough the villain will show up with AJ, KJ, A8, 87s or worse. He had a great price to call pre-flop, so his initial range can be considered quite wide. You also can make bigger flop bets in multi-way pots, because fish will chase draws without considering pot odds, or simply refuse to let go of Ax.

    What would you have ranged him with when he called the flop? Agreed that his river range now represents a pretty strong hand.

    Bearing in mind that some players will check a set on the flop, you suggested that you could check the turn/call the river. This is might be a good idea, because that was an ugly turn card:

    1) The flush draw got there.
    2) Remember that the pot was multiway, giving more potential for someone hitting big. I would be barrelling the turn if it was heads-up pre-flop.
    3) T9 also gets there, and the J also makes the board more connected for the backdoor straight.
    4) Checking the turn will induce a river bluff so often that it becomes profitable over the long-run.
    5) Pot control, you absolutely want to see showdown with a set. Even on an ugly board.

    You could counter-argue that you should bet the turn for value (not fearing the flush) and to set up for a large river bet if the board pairs.

    I could be wrong, someone might even make a strong argument that you should shove this river.

    You will start beating 5NL soon enough, just be patient. Good Luck!
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      Cheers Tonk




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