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25NL ZOOM, frustrating spots

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  • 25NL ZOOM, frustrating spots

    25nl ZOOM is getting very frustrating. Not sure how to handle XRs OTT at these stakes. I've caught a ton of players semi bluffing the turn by XRing. At the lower stakes this didn't happen as frequently. Can anyone else comment on turn XRs at these stakes. In this hand... seems weird for villain to XC flop, XR turn? Reason why I call... and then villain checks river! Thanks, dirt Villain(165): 24/18/1.0 ATS: 49

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    Im assuming you lost this hand? His line looks like BS to me im interested in seeing the river play.


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      At 25NL there is certainly still enough spew and semi-bluffing for us to be ahead here. I can see a hand like KJhh taking this line. Bluffing the turn with equity when called. Not saying its a great line etc. but I have seen it.

      We have more than enough showdown value though so if the thought of bet/fold is unpalatable, and to me it would be, I think we can check behind.

      Its hard to see exactly what value hands raise turn but don't continue river.


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        Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
        Im assuming you lost this hand? His line looks like BS to me im interested in seeing the river play.
        Mike I checked behind... Maybe I lost maybe I won... lol


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          I like to look at the villain's aggression% for each street in spots like this. I would expect sets, A8, a lot of flush draw hands, especially a pair and a draw, plus some bluffs to be in the villain's raising range on the turn. The holding that fits best with his line looks to be Ax of hearts, 2p or a bluff. You are ahead of much of his range, but this situation is rather unclear and I am not sure about calling the turn raise.

          His betsize is fairly large. Our hand is unlikely to improve and it can't improve to the nuts. Moreover, many river cards are going to be scare cards for us; any heart, cards filling a straight, cards pairing the board. We can't call a big bet on the river in such an unclear spot. So, without a clearer understanding of what the villain is doing, I would fold to the raise. Again this would depend on how aggressive the villain tends to be on the river.

          As played, it seems unlikely that the villain would check the river with a strong hand such as a set or straight. I think we will often be ahead here. However, I would just check down the hand in order to ensure seeing the villain's hole cards. You can make a note of how he played and better know how to handle this situation in the future.



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