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Evaluate my $0.10/$0.25 NL 6-Max Strategy

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  • Evaluate my $0.10/$0.25 NL 6-Max Strategy

    Hi Ill try to keep it short and sweet.

    Formerly I played 2 tables on low stakes (always play 6-max - habit lol) and I did a good job of reading players and so could adjust well between when to play tight and aggressive and my best skill was bet sizing on those tables. However ironically, my weakness was also over betting a calling station when I may have trips or something when I dont accept (lol) my opponent hitting an out on the river which could beat me.

    And so I switch to multitabling microstakes like in the title. Usually 6-8 tables.

    Now mind cant work fast enough to read my opponents play style and Ive also found that bet sizing is pretty much not noticed in micro players and just look at a bet as a bet and players will call any bet with second/third-nut hands and so I've adapted a pretty TAG play style. I'm PFRing solid hands however never find myself bluffing much or continuation betting unless on a flush draw or gutshot.

    Just wondering what you think of my play style for the micro stakes. I find it hard to bet against players who will always call low nut hands no matter what which I find a lot in micro and I feel as though Im losing my poker skill and just clicking buttons till I do hit a strong hand and playing from there.

    Whats your experiences?

    Im thinking I might maybe multitable 2-4 tables in like $.25-$.50 tables.

    Sorry for overloading the post, but also multitabling... do you find yourself playing 6 or higher seaters?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I assume you're from Leeds, UK? I'm from Bradford, just down the road

    When I started cash poker, I started from 2NL and worked my way beating up the levels up until 25NL. I either played 4 Zoom tables or 8-10 regular tables. However, as I found 25NL to be significantly tougher than 2nl-10nl, I cut down tables and am currently only playing regular tables, between 6-8 depending on my mood.

    Regarding your playing style, generally bluffing isn't that necessary, making sure you extract max value is more important. As you start to play 25nl+, you'll need to include more balance into your play which means doing more bluffing in good spots.


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      Yep, in Ilkley!

      Yeah im floating between 2 and 5NL whilst multitabling. Just find that I don't really need to bluff so much and generally I've found that the players only are really check-raising when they have a good hand as appose to making a bluff so I've found it pretty straight forward and good to start multitabling on these tables.

      But yeah I need to work on my value betting on these tables, I really struggle to get value out of say a top pair/top two pair or set (where the set has been guessed from two cards in the flop for eg).

      It's been easier to get value out of straights and flushes just from players not paying attention and noticing!

      I was an 888 player but just transitioned over and so far liking it here on pokerstars!

      If you dont mind me asking are you playing poker for recreation or living? Or both in fact!


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        I make some money playing poker but most of my income comes from outside poker, so I guess I'm a part-time player.

        I was in Ben Rhydding a couple of days ago, nice part of the world up there!



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