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5nl FR Zoom - AQ

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - AQ

    Hi guys, Recently my steals have not been working - probably variance. Wondering what you guys do in this situation. Should I check, and then fold to a bet if I don't improve. I don't know if a bet is right (on the flop that is), because statistically I don't have much here, and he probably knew that, so it's possible for villains (but nor do they) to potentially bluff me off my hand. He could even be doing this with a pocket pair that I guess I don't really have an equity against (6 outs to improve). Then again he could have it. It wouldn't seem right for villain to have it here that often (Full-house) since surely the best play will be to slow-play, so it really does look like a bluff. I say bluff, but he could have a pocket pair here often enough for which I don't have a lot of equity against. Cheers, Matt
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    Any read on villain? Most of the time in full ring, a nitty villain defends his blinds with pocket pairs. This flop is better for a set-miner's range than yours. He's pretty much never folding any pair. Since you have some showdown value and probably have the full competent of 6 overcard outs, there's no need to bet, since worse isn't often calling, and better hands are never folding. You could bet this flop if you had something like , since you'd have no SDV, but could turn a backdoor flush/straight draw. Where your hand has decent equity against villain's range, checking back on dry flops where fold equity is low is often better than trying to pick up the dead money. If I was in the BB, I'm check-calling very often on this flop, and also check-raising with a reasonably high frequency. Your perceived range misses so often that it's probably +EV to check-raise this flop with ATC. If you don't bet it, villain can't check-raise. My usual plan is to make a delayed c-bet if villain checks a second time. If he leads the turn, it depends on the sizing, but I'd usually fold unimproved, as you have no backdoor draws.
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      Cheers arty,

      I realised after that checking seemed better. Sorry no reads on villain first encounter.





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