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5nl FR Zoom - AT

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - AT

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. villain stats 17/14/1.7 102 hands Wow I didn't realise that even against an 14% PFR range ATs is pretty much a coin flip. Although on this flop, I become a favourite. I called the flop bet as he could be doing this with a mix of broadway cards. Villain checks the turn, and so to me this looks like he is potentially giving up. When I bet the turn, can I be called by worse? Anyways, once he calls my bet, I now think that I will be behind and so I check the river keeping the pot under control. Cheers, Matt
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    Flop call is mandatory, turn bet is not. It's not a huge mistake to bet the turn. Indeed, it makes your plan to check back almost all rivers pretty straightforward. In a sense, you bet the turn to get a free showdown. Villain can call with worse on the turn, but his range is mostly draws and Ax hands, some of which you beat and a few you don't. I'd often check the turn to induce a river bluff that I call (or I can value-bet thinly and get called by worse), but many villains are incapable of bluffing the river, so betting the turn expecting to win right there is often OK.

    The main concept you need to re-affirm in your mind is showdown value. If you want to get to showdown, because you have a medium strength hand like top pair good kicker, don't keep building the pot. It's often +EV to keep "worse" hands (or weak ranges) in the pot by checking back, even on fairly wet boards.
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