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2NL Zoom 6max - 2 interesting hands

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - 2 interesting hands

    Hi guys. I would like to hear your opinion on these 2 hands I played. What do you think is the best course of action here. HAND #1 villain is 75/13/2,0 but only 17 hands so almost unknown As you see PF he only call a raise, OTF he bets weak and I'm thinking there he may have a pair J or T so I call with my OESD On turn things gets interesting, I hit straight and check to trap and when he pots it (great, right?) i re-raise and then he re-raise after that. So my question here is what should I do now? What is he representing there? I'm suspecting set of TT, 55, JJ, maybe JA or AT. Would he take that line on turn with flush draw? Hand #2 villain is 18/13/2,8/5,9 on 350 hands So we have here a big(?) 3bet after a min raise. I credit him with premium hand like JJ, QQ, AA, AK and just call IP. OTF he bet pot instantly and I just call again OTT same sutiation OTR again He was betting within a second when the card is dealt, so I'm calling there cause it looks like a bluff to me. I've noticed that people who have a strong hand take a little time to think about their play, so i don't think he made a set here, only thing I'm afraid is AA or . What is your opinion on this hand and should i call the river, raise the turn or...? Thanks!

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    Hand 1: Not that interesting IMO. I would have raised larger OTT when he bets and I'm obviously getting it in after he re-raises our XR OTT.

    Hand 2: I'm calling, we've disguised our hand so well that I think we have to call. Why didn't you raise PF? I wouldn't raise the turn, just call down.


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      Thanks for your comment dirt.
      I don't really know why i didn't raise PF. I've noticed before that this villain likes to get aggressive after the flop if he's PFR, so i wanted to see the flop and take it from there i guess.

      I will post full hands a little bit later, hopefully we'll see more comments.


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        1st hand I'm stacking off on the turn. In spots like those, I'm not really concerned about villain's range. He can have everything from a set/2prs to a naked flush draw, but you have the nuts, so it's a raise for value, expecting to stack everything by a bluff.

        2nd hand, 4-bet pre for value and it's not even close. You generally don't want the initial minraiser to also call with a random (and well disguised) hand that could crack your pair unexpectedly.
        Pretty much never folding a big overpair post-flop when the SPR on the flop is 10 or lower. Since you under-repped your hand and there is a fair bit of money behind, you could raise the flop to rep a flush draw and try and (eventually) get stacks in vs TT+. On the rare occasions villain has aces, you would have gone broke pre-flop, so it would be a cooler.
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          Hand #1 he pots it OTT and you still have so much behind. You need to raise bigger here because if he has anything worth betting pot he's probably not folding (except for the times when he's bluffing). Being OOP here means you absolutely should be trying to set up the river for a shove because it's much harder to get money in the pot when you aren't in position!

          Hand #2 you just want to 4bet / get it in. I mean yeah, it looks like aces given his sizing on flop/turn/river. But it's worth losing a stack over because you aren't even 200BBs deep
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            Thanks for your comments guys! Here are the full hands HAND #1 As I suspected it was a set and my only concern was either to jam the turn or just call and then re-evaluate if river pairs the board, but i decided to stack on turn, which end up very good for me. I was little surprised to see villain hold AA since he didn't 3bet. HAND$2 After we have all agreed that not 4bet with KK was a mistake, I can say that this hand ended also good for me cause the villain was bluffing after all. Luckily for me his AT didn't connect and I won. He would probably fold ATo on my 4bet, but I agree it was a mistake not to re-raise PF.



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