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10NL ZOOM, FH Overbet facing a raise!

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  • 10NL ZOOM, FH Overbet facing a raise!

    Another baaad spot. Villain SNAP raises this river overbet. MP: 24/12/1.3 - 34 hands

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    Comes down to your sizing. If you had bet a standard amount then he may raise a straight for value, but since your bet represents a stronger value range, he will call with strong hands that you beat and raise a much narrower range which we don't do too hot against.

    I also never expect this to be a bluff (though if he did have T7 for some reason it'd be a super cool spot to do it).

    I'd also be interested in hearing your thought process for overbetting. Is it simply, 'I have a full house and I want value', or are you thinking about his range throughout the hand.

    He checked back flop, called turn. His range shouldn't be too strong. If we want to attack this capped range with an overbet and induce hero calls with 22-55, fine. Or do we want to give me a good price so he can call with this weak range?

    Just think about these things when you are making decisions.

    edit: woo 1000th post.


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      Birday would you check back 22-55 here then?


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        Thought process was to rep a missed flush draw. I was over betting to get him to hero call. My thought was if he raises me here then he has pocket tens. I don't see anything else in his range that's he'd be checking the flop with and then raising the river... I think over betting could get called by underpairs an maybe some high ak Aq type hands.


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          @mike unless you want to turn them into a bluff, checking back river with 22-55 would be the standard play.


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            Hey dirt,

            I don't think we are getting bluff raised here ever after overbetting the river. I actually don't think it would be cool to do it with T7, not that he ever has that, I think it's a pretty bad spot because your sizing indicates real strength and he shouldn't be trying to make you lay down strong hands.

            Regardless I tend to agree with birdayy that his raising range in this spot is going to be much narrower than normal, and in fact not only do we not do too hot against it, I think we don't actually beat any of it. If he was getting cute with AA planning to raise the river, this overbet is likely to slow him down into a call imo. I guess maybe he could grossly overvalue A6 and do this. But there are 3 other hands that make complete sense for him to play this way preflop-river... TT/77/66. I expect we'll get shown one of these hands the vast majority of the time if we call, so this is a good opportunity to thumb our noses at Zeebo imo.
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              Originally posted by birdayy View Post
              @mike unless you want to turn them into a bluff, checking back river with 22-55 would be the standard play.
              Hmm i normally just bet the flop with 22-55, i can see the turn being pretty tricky if we check back and then villain leads out.



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