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10NL 6max zoom, bad play?

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  • 10NL 6max zoom, bad play? Villain 29/29/0 in 8 hands. So tiny sample I made the 3bet bc I didn't want the BB along for cheap. OTF my hand is good enough to cbet imo. board is not very dry so I made it a bit bigger. OTT I get lots of outs extra, but none of them are clean, but I do want to see a river now. Check/call seemed the cheapest way. He bets half pot which gives me more than enough odds to call. OTR I shoved. I would call a bet anyway and I had blockers to broadway. The only flush I could really see is and that's just one combination. appreciate any thoughts !

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    Hi Ray!

    Your flop CBet is really big for a 3Bet pot. The implications of this is that you have much less manoueverability on later streets because the SPRs are much smaller. There aren't that many draws you have to protect against really: AKhh, AJhh, JTs (only two combos of this), 87s. So I think a CBet of like $1 would achieve a similar fold ratio while keeping your bluffs cheaper and giving you more opportunity to do stuff on later streets.

    A smaller flop CBet would have a pot of $4 with you having a stack of $8. This gives you much more room to check/call comfortably on the turn and also makes a bet/fold easier if you wish to do so.

    Now on the turn you're in a bit of a tricky spot. If you bet again, you're probably pot-committing yourself against a range that is likely crushing you if he gives you action. So I think checking is reasonable hoping to see a cheap river, but I think it's very borderline whether you're getting the right odds to call. Here's an example range I think villain might take this line with:

    Board: Qh6h9cJh
    Equity Win Tie
    UTG 32.53% 31.00% 1.52% { TdTh }
    UTG+1 67.47% 65.95% 1.52% { QQ-99, 66, AQs, KQs, QTs+, AhKh, AQo, KQo, QTo+ }

    If he bets some of his lower made flushes like 98hh, 87hh, this doesn't change your equity too much. However your equity increases significantly (to ~36%) if he decides to turn stuff like 98s, 87s, 76s into bluffs.

    I think your river play is fine, like you say there aren't that many flush combos he can have and there is a bunch of worse stuff you can get value from that he'd check back otherwise.



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