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$1.10 1000-Cap - Middle pair+open straight draw in multi-way pot

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  • $1.10 1000-Cap - Middle pair+open straight draw in multi-way pot

    Moderately early in the tourney. Villain 9 was playing 33/33 over 6 hands, but one of those was a 2.5x raise from early position with T-9s, so he was probably LAG. Villain 3 was 15/13 over 39 hands. Villain 7 was 32/21 over 19 hands. My initial call was due to the raiser being a perceived LAG, being on the button, and the good pot odds. The flop, however, was a concern - although I did have probably plenty of outs, the strong 2/3 pot bet and call from the tight player gave better pot odds, but made it seem like at least one had a real hand. Although I am almost certain that my call of the turn shoves was correct (I was almost certainly behind, but I had 19 outs unless someone had a set, so it wasn't too far behind), I am not sure if I played the flop correctly. What is your take on this?
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    Hi Christxof

    Calling preflop is fine given our stack depths. When player 9 c bets as large as this I suspect that he almost always has a strong hand that he is trying to protect and villain 2 can have all kinds of pair+gutshot draws so I would call villains c-bet because I think he's the type that will stack off if you do hit your hand and if he doesn't then there's always player 2's money to be had.

    I think this is a very interesting spot on the turn and I think that there are arguments to be made about both calling and folding. I would personally fold. I feel that our tournament life is more valuable than the risk we're taking to win the chips that are in the middle.

    Cheers,. Chris.


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      Interesting analysis, Chris. I didn't think that the c-bet call was as clear as that, nor that the turn call wasn't clear-cut. I guess you're right that stack preservation is important - I just feel like in the lower buyins, because of how some players play, accumulating chips takes priority. But I do see the stack preservation importance.

      Also, I lost a lot of chips about an hour later in what I think was something like QQ<KK, so no deeprun/cash for me.
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