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10NL 6max zoom, TPTK vs 4bet shove

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  • 10NL 6max zoom, TPTK vs 4bet shove

    I think my line pretty well tells him, I'm liking the flop and still he shoves. Am I ever good here? I actually thought he could have the same hand but with clubs...and sets, 2p, AQ clubs, slowplayed AA.. I think I was right to 3bet on this board, was I?

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    Do we have any stats on the guy?

    My head is telling me to fold, even though we are pretty close to the top of our range here, but my heart is thinking 'Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, TPTK, lets call'.


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      Only had 2 hands on him... so no, no stats


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        Many players are capable of making a btn raise in this situation with a flush draw. However, not that many players are going to be 4betting with a semi-bluff hand. Without any history on the villain I would fold to the 4b shove since it looks like you will be facing a set or at best splitting with AK. But the villain might have a bit more equity if he is holding the A of clubs.

        Now, let's back up a bit. We are playing against an unknown, we have a strong hand on the flop, but we are oop. If we are going to 4b fold, then perhaps calling the raise is a better option than turning our strong hand into a bluff by 3betting. Calling will allow us to reevaluate on the turn. It would allow us to keep the villain's range wide and our percieved range.

        This hand could play out many different ways depending on the runout. If a club comes on the turn and it goes check-check, then you might be able to get him off a set with a river bet repping the flush. If a club doesn't come, you have showdown value and may be ahead of the semi-bluff draws that may raise the flop. Lots of good things can still happen to us in this hand by calling the flop raise. Yes, it does let the villain see the turn and yes we are out of position. However, the alternative is worse. When we 3b the flop we risk getting value owned. Our hand is not strong enough to stack off with, but it is too strong to want to fold. Thus calling the flop raise looks to be our best option.


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          Thanks Roland. Makes perfect sence.

          When I rewatched the hand this morning, I actually thought 'why did I 4bet?". only reason I could come up with was to get him to fold and that's a bad reason.


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            Yah calling down is a lot better imo.



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