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2NL Zoom 6max - #ihatefolding Full Houses but should I?

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - #ihatefolding Full Houses but should I?

    here is the hand guys, please tell me what do you think? Can this villain have a monster? Only 7 hands so he is unknown but anyway from 7 hands stats 29/0/0.5/0 so he open limps and then call 4x raise, I'm happy OTF with my set and move with a cbet and get instant call OTT i make a FH cbet again, and again instant call and then OTR comes the K♥ that made me sick, probably due to the fact that I lost 3-4 buy ins and whole session was cooler after a cooler, which lead to some bad decisions. Anyway, I check and he overbets pretty fast, no thinking. So, I'm strong but there are so many hands that are beating me. What do yo do now? Thanks.

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    The mistake here is the X OTR. You need to bet this river and then we can fold to a raise. You've put yourself in a bad spot by checking OTR. Of course if we bet there are hands that beat us, but I think that there's enough out there that we beat and will call our value bet OTR.


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      Wow that is a terrible river. You should bet bigger on the turn. It's an excellent card for 2nl players to spaz out on with their nut flush and ignore the paired board.

      The limp open can easily contain Ah or 9h, but not KK or QQ because they would have re-raised you pre I assume.

      Not sure I agree with barrelling the river either - what worse hands will call? No draws that got there that I can think of. Any straight draw OTF is now scared of the 4 hearts. Any non nut flush that we had completely crushed will be frightened of the straight flush and the paired board. Any nut flush draw hit it's one outer on the river... only thing we can get value from is bluffs on such a scary texture. Only a few combinations of better hands may fold to our bet on the river too - things like KJ and QJ.

      Then again, maybe I'm giving to much credit to 2nl players and they will call with any flush + better hands here.


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        You need to be correct 36%. He is bad player. I would guess you had the odds or almost the odds to call. That said, folding is porbably correct.

        People usually don’t limp higher end broadway cards. Thus hands like KJ,QJ are not very commonly seen here. Against T you have good blockers, so even hand like TJ (2 combos) is not likely. If he has Ax with heart he will many times bet when you check.
        Last edited by braveslice; Fri May 16, 2014, 01:21 PM.


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          Thanks guys, I folded this after using all my time bank, we'll never know what he had at the end


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            I think the consensus is that folding is correct. If you're able to make folds like these, you're ahead of a lot of players at your level lol...



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