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[2nl 6max zoom] TT big pot post flop

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  • [2nl 6max zoom] TT big pot post flop

    What I think are relevant stats to the hand, any more required just ask: Villain (43 hands) VPIP 35 PFR 26 3bet 12.5 AF 2.5 Fold to Cbet 0 I know it's not a large sample size on the villain but gives a rough idea on the play. Throughout the whole hand I'm 100% sure than I'm not up against AA, KK, QQ or JJ. I think the best hand in his range is Jx, most likely QJ or JT, possibly suited. He doesn't like giving up on the flop so I think I'm safe to raise here and many worse hands to call. When the turn comes his bet sizing increases dramatically and at this stage I'm more worried about the straight than the J. But with only the straight possible and no other draws, I decide at this stage that I'm going with the hand, I feel like he is an aggressive player and can have lots of worse hands. But I want to give him a chance to bluff with any air or pairs he has, and also with any busted draws on the river. Thoughts?
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    I don't see how you think you're safe to raise here... This villain is betting into you and you're raising second pair... What "MANY" worse hands are calling here? I only see 1. The one and only hand that the villain actually had.

    TBH, I think your flop raise is terrible. The CC OTT is really bad as well. You're committed by this point so you need to go with your hand or release it right here OTT.

    I would have much rather seen you just call this type of player ATW with your hand strength here and make a tough call OTR.


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      The flop bet was very small and looked weak, like he wanted a free card or was just trying to take it down easily. It did not seem like a J. Any pocket pair could do this or any flopped pair. Also with the 0 fold to cbet stat that he has, it's clear that he doesn't like letting go of hands on the flop. The sample size isn't very big so he might actually let go on occasion, but it's clear that he is very sticky on flops.

      On the turn I did decide I was going with the hand, but there was no value in raising, he would fold a lot of his crap and continue when I'm beat. But I felt like he would continue the river close to 100% of the time no matter what he had. The only hands I think he has on the turn that have me beat are A5 and 65. Maybe 43 or 32. I think there are a lot of hands that hit one pair on the board and possibly picked up a draw on the turn, or just pocket pairs in his range.
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        The problem with raising the flop is that he's probably not continuing with pocket pairs that are smaller than TT. When you raise the flop now you're up against Jx, pair and a draw, draws and sets. You narrow his range here a ton by raising the flop. When he bets into you again this worries me and it should worry you too. Obviously this hand comes down to reads on this villain. So I would say you must have a good read on this villain and well played. But I think the way that this hand was played wasn't very good.

        Just saying. Just my opinion. Keep in mind there's no need to get fancy at 2nl. HAND READING SKILLS DON'T REALLY APPLY AT 2NL.



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