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fullhouse tiebreaker

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  • fullhouse tiebreaker

    what if you have a higher 2 match over an opponent who has a lower 3 match in a fullhouse? or does the 3 match always win over any 2 match

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    The higher set counts first
    Then the higher pair counts next

    So if the 3-of-a-kind is the same, the pairs are the part that matter.

    So if you hold the best set, you win

    In a spot where it comes A-A-7-T-Q

    If you hold AT or AQ you beat someone who holds 77 or TT

    I must admit that watching full houses flip can be a strange scenario to immediately determine who is ahead but just use the BEST 3OAK rule and use BET PAIR as the tie breaker if both share the same SET

    So if the hand was A-A-T-Q-7
    Player #1 has AT
    Player #2 has AQ

    AQ wins since although they share the same Trips, the pair part is the decider

    Were they both to hold AT then its just a chop

    EDIT : A spot where this can flip would be

    Flop comes A-A-5-T

    You hold AK
    Your 1st opponent holds 55
    Your 2nd opponent holds T5

    You hold trip As
    Opponent 1 holds Full House 5s over Aces
    Opponent 2 holds Two pair Ts and 5s

    If a King comes, you can win with Aces over Kings
    If a Ten comes, Opponent 1 can win with a Full House Tens over 5s
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      yes the full house is a cloudy hand i would imagine alot of people lose money not seeing it. Can you explain this one. if i have k5 and my opponent has 88 and the board is 222k8 who wins that one? i only have two kings, he has three 8s

      i swear i won a play like this, not sure if i saw it correctly since its 88822 compared to 222kk


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        The winning hand is (as always) the best 5-card hand, whether it's a full house or ace high. In your second example, 88822 would beat 222KK, so you probably misread the board.
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