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NL10SH - 4b pot blind on blind

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  • NL10SH - 4b pot blind on blind

    Poker Stars, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. BB: $11.74 (117.4 bb) MP: $10.33 (103.3 bb) CO: $8.98 (89.8 bb) BTN: $14.92 (149.2 bb) Hero (SB): $10 (100 bb) Preflop: Hero is SB with K A 3 folds, Hero raises to $0.30, BB raises to $1, Hero raises to $2.40, BB calls $1.40 Flop: ($4.80) 8 Q 8 (2 players) Hero bets $2.30, BB calls $2.30 Turn: ($9.40) 9 (2 players) Hero bets $4.50, BB raises to $7.04, Hero calls $0.80 and is all-in River: ($20) Q (2 players, 1 is all-in) Results:

    $20 pot ($0.90 rake) Final Board: 8 Q 8 9 Q BB showed A A and won $19.10 ($9.10 net) Hero showed K A and lost (-$10 net) [/spoiler] Yet another sticky spot OOP. What do you think of my line? I'm trying to fold pocket pairs 22-jj and QX on the turn, how often does he have to fold on the turn for this to be profitable? How should I have played this out? Villain is 20/16/8.2 fold to 3bet 40%. His 3bet from the bb is quite tight, 5% over 360 hands. Fold to cbet of 75%. With this info I think maybe I should have cbet flop and just given up turn. I really need to plan my hands better lol.

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    How does he react to 4bets pocket? You got any dynamics with this villain? Having an idea of what villain is capable of calling a 4bet with ip makes this hand easier.

    As played the problem is I don't expect many villains to flat a 4bet with small pocket pairs, i'd expect a range to look more like 1010/99/AQ/AQss. Personally I'm shoving all better hands bvb, maybe wider with dynamics. So cbetting this board texture doesn't accomplish much imo unless we know villain flats 4bets pretty wide ip. I would check/fold turn if i cbet this flop. You won't fold out anything that called flop ott.

    You mention the fold to 3bet% in the op, but this isn't relevant for the hand. What's his fold to 4bet%? What's our image at the table?

    Perhaps if you think he's not restealing that wide, it would be a better plan to flat the 3bet oop. Yes it's tricky to play oop, but we can keep some worse Ax in his range doing this, maybe even some kx.

    folding to cbets 75% means it's an easy c/fold turn, but this is a 4bet pot. So that changes a lot, I still wouldnt expect this villain to be too sticky with any worse hands otf regardless.
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      If you're going to bet the turn, just shove all in. Was there a reason to leave 0.80 behind? This board is really bad for you. If you're saying that the villain has a 5% 3bet, then I would say he's calling your 4-bet with half of that range at the widest... so, he'll call with 2.5% of hands: TT+,AKs

      On this flop... you're crushed right off the bat. The only hands that you're able to fold out is TT and JJ. I don't think that those hands are folding enough here to make this play profitable.

      I'm not even sure if we should be c-betting this flop tbh. Everything that he has in his "range" is probably calling. Unless he has AK of diamonds.

      I would be more inclined to shove the turn if a club came, but shoving on this 9 of hearts isn't good IMO.


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        I think we should be giving up on this turn card as well.


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          Hi pockettones

          This looks very spewy BvB spots can get a little crazy, us being OOP does not favor us at all. Here I think preflop is fine. When the BB flats the 4bet, they could do that with JJ/TT, AK/AQ, but also sometimes with AA/KK (I think KK might be more leaning towards a 5bet, but certainly AA could just call. I don't think this player would flat here with any marginal hands because he seems to be a player that calls alot IP but only 3bets a strong range with a few bluffs here and there. Our 4bet should shut down all their bluffs and they will continue with the strong portion of their range. The flop is actually not great for us. Our cbet will get called by JJ/TT/99, Qx. In general I feel a Qxx flop is a bad flop for AK especially in this spot. There might be an argument to bet the flop because of the backdoor club, so you might bet flop, jam club turns. Atleast if they don't fold we can fall on some outs. But here this turn is a bad barrel card. There's no shame in folding... we can't win every pot


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            Also some more points I think are important:

            Otf we cannot bet for value, as it's pretty hard for villain to call us with anything worse. So we're turning our hand into a bluff here. Not a good play in a 4bet pot imo. Would need some info on villain to attempt it. We have to assume he has a strong range to flat a 4bet unless we've seen something to tell us otherwise.
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