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NL5 6m zoom A7s C-bet and turn play

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  • NL5 6m zoom A7s C-bet and turn play


    only had 3 hands on villains.But marginal questions.

    Pre: raising A7s here i hope is ok.

    Flop: decided to take a free card here, against 2 unknowns, i didnt realise it was as dry and maybe should bet flop here?

    Turn: What would you do on turn here? i raise as i dont think they rep much. I been pot betting on turn with semi bluffs somtimes, here i bet 2.4x villains bet, is this enough?

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    meh no pro hand evaluations anymore below NL10?

    ...mite aswell go back to ******************


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      Checking back the flop is fine 3 handed, cbetting would be fine as well.

      Turn I think calling is superior to raising. First concern that I would encourage you to focus on is the notion they don't rep much. Why not? Chekcing the flop doesn't mean anything, they were simply checking to the raiser... they could have been planning to check/call a hand like KQ, check/raise a set, do either with a flush draw... and when you don't c-bet the flop, all of these are realistically betting the turn. So I would suggest his range is anything from a bluff stab up to a set of 9's.

      So the problem with raising is that a lot of the legit hands won't fold, and the strongest of them (Q9, 22, 66, 99 at least) may re-raise us off our nut draw. The other problem with raising is that it's actually you not repping much. You would presumably cbet top pair+ or a heart draw, so what can you have now? 99 is about it. You'll get away with this at 5NL against non-thinking players, but better hand readers will punish you by bluff reraising and calling down with 9x and other modest pairs.
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        yeah that was the problem really i wasnt repping much with my raise, wasnt sure what to do.


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          sry aswell for moaning up there, but it was getting lonely down the bottom of the page with zero answers hehe



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