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Medium M Squeeze

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  • Medium M Squeeze

    My M is 9 or about 12 Big Blind. Pre-Flop: I decided to defend my blind with an all in squeeze. Do you think my hand was strong enough to try this or could I even have made the play with less of a hand? Would a flat call and playing the flop OOP been a better play with 12 big blinds? Or would the fold have been the safer move?

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    I prefer a fold. The monster stack will often have a hand with good equity against yours, and he can afford to race, as the pot odds are pretty good for him (18:10 is getting close to the "call with any two" ratio). To squeeze here I think you need a genuine monster (something like 88+/AT+ at least), as when you're jamming something like KQo, much of your value comes from fold equity. You don't have a lot of that when your stack is fairly small and the big stack has you well covered like in this spot. I'd fold and wait for a better spot.
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      The key question for me is.. how loose have these players been playing?

      If it's likely that one of the two will fold, I like the play. KQ is a shove hand, not a calling hand, so I'd be happy shoving it here. If I'm going to be up against 2 opps, then I'm going to fold.

      The worst option is to call and be OOP on the flop. I only have 11BB in front of me, so don't want to leak one of them off by seeing a bad flop and folding.

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        I'd resteal with a 30 bb stack. Any lower and you should tighten up. When you have 15 bb you cannot fold to a 3 bet.
        Between 25bb and 15bb is a tricky area. Raising 1st can win blinds because people are tightening up with the rising antes.

        This is Harrington guide to m . Don't know where you guys picked up this 10 m resteal thing.

        Level Zone Correct Play

        1 Green Zone

        When your M is above 20 you have many poker tournament strategy options available. Here you can raise, re-raise and still have chips left if you lose a hand.

        2 Yellow Zone

        Here your M is between 10 and 20. Loosen up now to stop the blinds eating away at your stack. Small pairs and suited connectors are less desirable now as your implied odds (chance of winning a big pot from a small investments) are lower.

        3 Orange Zone

        Your M is now between 6 and 10. Here you have lost the ability to ‘resteal’ and your stack is dwindling, you must now play aggressively to stay alive in the tournament.

        4 Red Zone M is 5 or less. Here you have lost all flexibility if you play a hand it should be all-in, try to be first into a pot to maximize the chance opponents will fold.

        5 Dead Zone M of less than one: Here you are on the tournament critical list – any high cards are good enough for an all-in move, but expect to be called!

        I use slight tweaks. I start the yellow at 17 , orange zone at 12 and the red at 7.

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          I agree with Arty that we don't have enough chips to make the big stack fold here very often if at all, so if we bet it has to be a value bet and not a resteal.

          To make this play, a few factors need to be in place:
          1. Big stack needs to be opening very wide (KQo is no better than a flip until the range is bigger than 26%, we want considerably better odds than that). A big stack bully who is overdoing the aggression is ideal for this sort of play.
          2. We need to be pretty confident the preflop caller will fold to our shove. It would help if they have shown themselves to be weak before, limp/folding multiple times for example. It also helps if our table image is tight.

          With all that in place, I think you can make this play. Otherwise just fold. DO NOT CALL.



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