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10nl zoom 6max, snap 5bet shove, gross!! Call or fold?

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  • 10nl zoom 6max, snap 5bet shove, gross!! Call or fold?

    button is a 1 tabler, I've already seen him squeeze in a very similar spot and fold to a 4bet. Plan pre flop is to 4bet for value against the button and call a shove, folding to a 5 bet from initial opener. I have no info on the big blind, I'm relatively new to these stakes so that's a common theme in my hands posted. He SNAP shoved on me, what do you guys interpret by that? Call or fold? Also is my sizing too small for the 4bet?
    Bracelet Winner

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    Sizing seems meh. I wouldn't mind making it a little larger maybe to $2.00.

    Cold 5bet... I don't know. I don't think calling is bad and folding isn't bad either. I guess read-less I'm folding. This looks really strong considering the action is R / CC/ R/ R and now they shove.


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      It looks ridiculously strong dirt for sure. Would villain not tank a bit with aces or kings though? Working on a sizing, would he ship it?

      I think this is a fold versus unknown also, i mean the worst hand he'll do this with is AK right?
      Bracelet Winner


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        I like your initial plan and your reasoning here, after the BB shoves i would fold here. If he is not spazzing out he has QQ+ or AK almost always. I would not read to much in his timing here.

        I think you sizing is allright, 4 bets dont need to be as big as 3 bets relativ to the potsize since of the reduced stack to pot ratio and therefore reduced implieds odds of the villain, but given that you are oop I would not mind 2 bucks either.


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          Hey Paddy

          I think if you're plan is to get it in vs BTN, I would prefer a bigger 3bet size because it would make it easier for them to 4bet all in. Though I think in this particular situation the BTN will give us some credit for a hand since it's been raised from MP and not just limped (well min-raised, I can see why you suspect a squeeze from the BTN) but still in BTN's eyes our line should look strong since I suppose we are not taking too many 3bet bluffs in this spot. So yea, I think 2-2.1$ should be better. Point is, if my plan is to 4bet/gii then I wanna size it in a way that villain won't get the correct option to call IP. As played, this is an easy fold for me. The action facing the BB should dictate a strong range.



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