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10nl zoom 6max, queens in a tough spot!

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  • 10nl zoom 6max, queens in a tough spot!

    Limper is a rec player 1 tabling, button is 1 tabling also. No other info. Pre is fine, is sizing otf ok? I think the limper can have any pair at this point, button can have 99/JJ/some flush draws. Pretty bad turn card, I think HU with the rec player I would bet again for value and charge any draws. The button however is a diff story. I think he'll check back those p.pairs I'm beating ott, and bet all sets/Ax hearts. It seems like an easy fold in hindsight, he does make an awfully big sizing ott though! There's no merit to betting the turn I assume? Only folding out worse, tough to get called by worse I think? IF he's semi bluffing then pay that man his money.
    Bracelet Winner

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    I would POT the flop and then throw-up OTT.


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      Hi Paddy Gar

      Preflop, I typically make it 3bb + 1bb for each limper rather than 5bb as you did. Although the larger betsize still got more callers than we want with a big pair. I agree that the calling ranges will most often be speculative hands, but there are several Ax combos that are also calling preflop, esp Axs.

      On the flop I think we could bet more. Firstly, we don't mind thinning the number of villains in the hand. Also, all the villains called a larger than normal bet preflop so they may be willing to call larger on the flop as well. Finally, overpairs that you are beating and draws will presumably continue even if we bet larger. I think you can bet 75% - 100% of the pot here.

      As played, the A on the turn is not great. Much of the villain's range consists of non-ace hands, but the ace will be a scare card for them. So, it will often slow down the action. If they do have an ace, our hand is no longer good. However, we don't know much about the btn except that he has a big stack and position on us. By checking, we are giving him a chance to bluff us off the pot. However, I still prefer check-folding as you did. Without any reads, I would gerneralize by saying that people tend to play honestly on A high boards in multiway pots - the btn isn't bluffing that often here. Moreover, if you check call, you will probably be facing an all in bet on the river which we can't call, especially considering that many river cards will make things worse for us completing the flush draw, straight draw etc.

      The large betsize by the btn on the turn is consistant with a strong Ax hand that is betting for value and to protect against the draws.

      Had we known more about the villain, we might have played the turn differently. Readless, I like your line. Good fold.


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        ty roland. I think the main point is that he won't turn jacks or tens or nines into a bluff on that card. So while he may be bluffing, readless it's a hugely risky play to call, and it's also a pretty big bluff for him to pull off readless as well.

        Would you say that the betsizing is ok heads up? To keep those overpairs feeling pretty confident on the flop? Less f.draws in a HU range etc.
        Bracelet Winner


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          Your flop bet? Yes, if it were heads up, something around 60%-70% sounds pretty good. Here we could have bet a bit more as I said, both for value and protection. Note, I don't see the btn's range changing because we are HU, but facing one opp rather than three will mean there is less of risk of running into drawing hands that connect with the board.

          Your thoughts in this hand sound spot on - nice work!

          Roland GTX



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