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Unsure please advice

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  • Unsure please advice

    Now i can't remember the end of this hand but here's what happened.

    Playing a tourney having above avg stack i get kk UTG+1. I raise to 3x and get 2 lp callers.
    The flop comes QJJ. Now i've had this kind of situation a couple of times and been burned so airing on the side of caution i decide to check and see what happens.
    Next guy bets approx 1/2 pot and it's re-raised.
    Relative to stack size it's not an all in or fold decision but having been burned before i decide to fold.

    Now i can't remember what happened after that but i was wandering if i was maybe being too tight, or if i should have maybe made the call.

    It's bugging me. was i right or wrong to fold?

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    Have you seen my KK hand in a previous post?




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      Hi there. I have some questions about this hand.
      How many BB's do you have? What's your M score? What is the stage of tournament? Why did you let the past scare you? Every hand is a fresh hand.
      Regarding the flop. No one is calling with QQ or AK . I'd also prob raise JJ . QJs-T9s ? Maybe. Although with 2 Jacks on the board i'd be inclined to think they have no Jacks in their hands.
      I may have shoved the flop to maximize fold equity ( Did you have any?). If they flip a Jack, then so be it!
      I have no idea if the flop was rainbow or not. The shove sounds like the villain using fold equity with a flush draw or an oes/flush draw.

      We need to know effective stack sizes et cetera to give you sound advice.


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        I agree with awmm83, that the stack sizes and tourney info are absolutely relevant and necessary information. Different types of tourneys have different strategies and also do different points within a tourney.

        Also, how were the opps playing.. loose or tight?

        Without this info, there's no way to determine the best course of action.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          ok so my short term memory is lousy. It was middle phase before the bubble, it was micro stakes, 11 cent i think. The past didn't neccessarily scare me i'm just saying i was using the past as reference.

          Experience of playing these tourney's means i see a lot of QJ's 10J's, KJ's even J9's and of course AJ. all seem to be all in favourite's even in later stages.

          Flop was rainbow and i think my stack size was 25-35 bb's. calling the re-raise was about 1/4 stack, both had similar stack sizes one may have had me covered.

          Other than that i can't remember specific's i'm afraid. I've yet to get PT4 and only just started using the hand analyzer so at the time didn't think of that.

          Thanks for your comments though it's all helpful.


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            You can go into the client and have all of your hands saved to your computer to review them later.

            Options/Instant Hand History Options then make sure the box is checked and you can pick whatever file you want to save them in... or request them to be e-mailed to you from Requests/hand history

            stack sizes and table dynamics are just as important, if not more-so than the cards that I have.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Thanks JWK. I've just requested my hand history for the past 7 days. It could be in there but unsure.
              If it is is there a way to extract the information for the replayer?

              I'm full of cold and may have a chest infection so may take a few days till i can be bothered to go through it but will have a look and get the info here if i can find it.

              Thanks again and will remember that for missed hands in future


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                Ok after sending the request an having a look it only goes back 200 hands even though i requested a full week's play.

                200 hands seems to be the maximum unfortunately which maans no details i'm araid.

                Sorry. Thanks for responding though guys.



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