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How can I play this hand better

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  • How can I play this hand better

    Early in $1 180 player SnG. I have 66 hands on the PreFlop raiser 18/16 with agro factor 3. What I really wanted to know is how I can play this hand better. I think I should have come over the top and shoved on the flop. The result would probably have been the same but I think this would have been a better line. Klumn

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    You flopped well, Top pair, decent kicker, straight and flush draws - lovely flop for us.

    So our preflop raiser comes in for a massive pot(ish) sized re-raise.
    Yikes... Here I am snap-reading him as a set or AK.

    If we want to get involved here, for me it is a re-raise (and in your case due to your stack, a shove)
    Otherwise I am folding, you called him instead.

    WoW, I really don't get the raise on the turn, we got to see another card and it didn't help us but could have helped our opponent if he was betting the Ten (unlikely) so I don't see how we can go from calling station to aggressor without improving our equity. It might have been different if a club fell or we hit one of our other outs.

    So you were right that you should have raised on the flop if you wanted to get involved..

    What it comes down to is a few things
    1) You didn't have the lead and although King Queen kicker feels strong, if someone is screaming at you "MY HAND IS A MONSTER" - can you be loving your hand so much?
    2) You tried to take the lead from your opponent with no equity, nothing changed for you, it could have improved for them but after 2 bets gone and your opponent being VERY strong betting out of position, you wanted to take away the lead but I don't see that happening unless your opponent is on a stone cold bluff
    3) You didn't seem to have a plan during the hand. When you flatted on the preflop, what did you plan to do on the flop?

    The last thing we want to be doing is flat calling large bets and hoping to flop well, we will miss more often than we hit and when we hit, its not always dead on bullseye.

    We had position on our opponent so our best scenario was that he didn't hit and checked - but he didn't.
    We could have called on the basis of floating him in-case he was on a standard c-bet bluff hoping he would check - he didn't

    He was screaming "I HAVE A MONSTER" at least from where I am looking.

    KQ loves being in position, with a King/Queen flop and with a passive opponent. We want to be the aggressor also. A lot of things have to happen to make KQ work, since one of them is a King/Queen on the flop, thats great because our opponents are either going to fear the overcards, or if they have a piece fear their kicker isn't strong enough... So ideally, our hand works best when our opponent has a piece of the flop but not strong enough that they can think they are ahead.

    At least thats my take on KQ... Small pot type hand, unless we flop very, very well, we aren't stacking off with it most of the time


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      The reason I posted the hand is because I felt that I played the hand very badly. I know what mistakes I think I made and wanted a second opinion.

      I ended up hitting the wrong line on the flop because I got caught between my two plans for the hand. I wanted to see a cheep showdown and I wanted to shove with strong draw.

      My post flop errors as I counted them.
      1: I called when I should have shoved or folded.
      2: I should have folded the turn when he showed more strength and I hadn't improved.

      Thank you for helping



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        you sound like you have a good grasp on it, +1

        if you said to me "i had a plan, i wanted to flat the raise and then if a King hit i was going to stop and go no matter what action there was" --- that might have been a bit of a bad play but to me, any plan is better than none or conflicting ones and at least if you make the bad play but stick to the plan, you can adjust the play for next time.

        If however you dont plan, you can't easily see where you went wrong and its hard to improve.

        An example would be set mining

        - you decide to call anything upto x3
        - you decide that no matter what comes off, unless you hit your set you are done
        - you decide that if you are in EP, if it is a dry board you will check/raise, otherwise you will raise

        Now, if we didn't plan and say a board of 3-3-5 comes. It might look like we have an overpair, wonderful. So we stay in the hand and either get beaten by a better pair or the trips/straight options out there.

        Had that happened, we might look at our hand and go "where did it go wrong??" - its hard to see, however if we had the plan we would have seen straight away, its because we didn't fold when we missed our set.

        Sometimes we have our plan and go of-course... at least then its VERY easy to audit our hand and judge how we can fix for next time.


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          Against a 16% raiser, I'm an underdog with KQs to start with. Each player after me to get into the pot makes me an even larger underdog. Due to this, I'm mucking pre.

          If I saw the flop, I 100% agree with you, that I'm shoving.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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