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Bottom set vs set

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  • Bottom set vs set

    Hello pokerschool. Hope you can help. Recently played this hand, wondered if i made an error. I noticed on review that the SPR on flop was 17( I lost my head when i saw the set). Should i have folded to resistance on flop or is a set too valuable in this scenario. I put him on a Premium hand but assumptions can be very wrong.Thanks.

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    Flopping a set 200bb deep can certainly be tricky. I think I'd still stack off here though. You're only losing to 6 combos (TT/44), and villain could easily be going to war with two overs and a flush draw, or even an overpair, of which there are many. I suppose you could just call the flop 3-bet and see what happens on the turn (folding to a bomb, especially if a diamond rolls off), but at 2NL 6max villains stack off so light that you'll even see hands like JT sometimes, which would stack off drawing almost dead against you.
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      Hi ArtySmokesPS .Thanks for the feedback.I had been cashing double ups so not so used to deep stacked cash .I actually learned quite a bit from this hand though.The SPR was way too high for an Overpair. I perhaps should have folded preflop because i was OOP.But you're right, 2nl overrates top pair. I just didn't see that coming. When i 3 bet postflop because of flush draw, when 4 bet i just thought Aces. Stack off now.I guess that's poker


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        Don't think it's a mistake to flat pre is the utg opener is a pretty tight guy.

        His range will be strongest from utg so it should be profitable to call there and try to hit your set.
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          Villain was a fresh opponent. I assumed also because villain was playing on mobile , they may be new to poker, so on average i could stack off to my hearts content.( Note to self, respect everyone ) Their 6x opening raise also seemed poor. Alas!


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            yeah didnt notice the pre flop raise sizing. I'd be getting it in there too mate.

            sizing on flop looks like overpair that is protecting or something. I would not be putting villain on top set on the flop thats for sure, or even including it in his range. But there you go, have some info at least on how he plays his monsters!
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              set over set.. harsh

              its like flush over flush, it happens so rarely that id be fine to stack off here because you are ahead more times than you are not.

              Lets think what our opponent "could" have that are ahead here typically

              Overpairs for sure.. so JJ-AA
              We need to add in the 44 and TT as well of course
              AT is possible here, as is KT/QT/JT
              Ill put in any 34s as well

              Lets ignore the random flush possibilities here (other than those tied to the options above) because I want to focus on someone that thinks there hand is made rather than someone drawing to a hand.. the betting here indicates our opponent made their hand.

              odds say you are 87% ahead vs that range.

              So if you stacked off in the exact same fashion 100 times, for $4.36 in cash, here is how it would play out.
              13 times, you would lose $4.36 ($56.68)
              87 times, you would win $4.36 ($379.32)
              -- the difference being $322.64 and a profit of $3.23 per occasion.

              You made a very +EV move
              That gives them a good range to cover,


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                The thing about zoom poker is , you still forget your big wins , but those coolers ( is this a cooler?) seem to happen more frequently. Thanks for the input and the tilt remedy.


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                  Originally posted by awmm83 View Post
                  The thing about zoom poker is , you still forget your big wins , but those coolers ( is this a cooler?) seem to happen more frequently. Thanks for the input and the tilt remedy.
                  Originally posted by
                  A case in which playing a strong hand (often the second best) that normally justifies the maximum bet is beaten by a still stronger hand. An example in Texas Hold 'em would be if one player goes all in holding K-K and an opponent calls with A-A; it would be a cooler for the player holding the two Kings.
                  Pretty much a cooler!



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