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Trips vs Flush possibility

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  • Trips vs Flush possibility

    Don't have much reads on the opponent... How will you act after you flopped a set/trips but the turn card would make the opponent a flush... Analysis needed...

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    Hey Wi.

    First off you should always buy in for 100bb at the table. Being short stacked means you miss out on value when you pick up premium hands and flop well against second best hands.

    Here I would bet the turn, and bigger. I mean yeah, villain could have a flush, he could also have several worse hands than ours. Ax, pocket jacks, pocket nines, kq with one spade, jq with one spade. We definitely want to bet bigger to charge those one spade hands to see the river.

    My point here is that because he can call a turn bet with several worse hands, we should value bet the turn. The hand is actually pretty easy to play due to your stack size. Have a plan. You flop trips, so your plan should be to bet big enough to allow you to get your stack in by the river.

    Sometimes villain will have a flush, sometimes villain will have a worse hand. With your stack size and because you can get value from worse you're better off jamming for value than check/playing a guessing game if he bets.
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      With your stack size, T8s is pretty much unplayable in this position, as it tends to flop middle pair or a non-nut draw most of the time, so fold pre-flop. If you're playing with a 40bb stack, stick with bigger hands that give you simple post-flop decisions when you make top pair or a set.
      As played, you can either bet bigger on the turn, or just check. Betting small is neither here nor there. Villain is more likely to have an ace than a flush draw (the ace of spades on the board limits the number of flushes he can have), so I think you should call the river.
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        Hi Paddy, Hi ArtySmokesPS

        Thank you for your analysises,
        i will try to avoid my mistakes in the future play!



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