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Misplayed Flop?-Folding AA on the Turn, 5nl6mZ

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  • Misplayed Flop?-Folding AA on the Turn, 5nl6mZ

    Hi all,
    Last edited by rule110; Sun May 11, 2014, 09:27 AM.

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    Rule you HAVE to always bet the flop with your hand here. It needs to be protected and can get called by so many worse hands.

    Into 4opponents I would bet big too, something like 55/60cents.

    We can re evaluate the strength of our hand if we are raised, and if called can be confident we still have the best hand.

    By checking we now have no clue where we are at in the hand, and if a heart peels on the turn or any card that co ordinates with the board we just have no idea what to do.
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        On the flop I get to act after two have checked with two remaining to act.

        Given what I knew and what I didn't know about my opponents, I felt I wouldn't garner that much information with a bet on that flop, and that with so many turns I wouldn't know what to do when facing aggression. So I elected to keep the pot small and bet/call turn if it came a blank.

        Turn wasn't a blank and I felt that I was beat.
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          Originally posted by rule110 View Post
          I felt I wouldn't garner that much information with a bet on that flop
          You should be betting for VALUE, not information. If villains have draws, make them PAY to draw. That's how you make money in poker: getting villains to call bets with the worst hand.
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            Last edited by rule110; Sun May 11, 2014, 09:27 AM.


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              you have 5 hands on one player and 12 on another rule. Not exactly much of a sample.

              What read had you exactly? What did the button do that was aggressive on turn/river? Did you see a showdown? Did he play a draw aggresively? Or did he c/call a flop and raise when he made a strong value hand?

              This is a bet for value on the flop 100% of the time, doesn't matter who is in the hand. You may not have the best hand on the flop, but I'm sure if a villain has you beat they will let you no

              Are you putting someone specifically on a set on the flop before you even see any action? I know it may not seem like a big deal to not bet here, but in the long term we are bleeding so much money by doing this.

              Do not be results orientated by looking at the winning hand. If you cbet that flop, the villain w/66 would have folded if he is a decent player. Maybe he's a recreational player and calls, then on river he will tell you when you are beat. Easy fold.

              He would be the one making the mistake by calling with a marginal hand thinking he could get paid off when a 4th straight card comes. Instead you were the one makign the mistake by not betting for value on the flop.

              I hope this doesn't come off as harsh Rule, I'm a novice player myself, just want to help you see why it's important to bet for value and let our opponents make the most mistakes, not us
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                no o
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