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  • Downswings

    Hey guys, Ive played around 70k hands of NL10 6-max and have been swinging pretty hard from between 35BI and 45BI, I have 40k hands missing because I changed pc and HM2 sync went wrong after swapping PCs but I was down around 10BI below EV there and Im +3BI above EV with my current hand. Currently at a new low of 27BI and its a bit concerning for me. Is it possible this is a product of negative variance? I've reviewed a lot of hands and watched tons of vids I honestly dont know what I can do to improve my game at this point. Ive increased my bet sizing, gone for thin value a lot more and put more emphasis on player-specific play.

    My stats over 25k hands for NL10 are 17/12.9/5.3

    W$WDSD 41.7, WTSD 25.6%, won $ at SD 57%

    59.6% cbet, 51.7% turn bet, 41.9%

    60%, 36%, 22% are my fold to flop, turn and river bet

    65% fold to 3bet, 25% call and 10% 4bet.

    I have no stats on my blind play but I feel Im fine with that, I raise the button pretty much all the time unless Im up against an aggressive defender or a fish and I adjust my defend/call range against my opponents steal and resteal ranges.
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    A while back, I posted an old graph from when I first started playing 10nl:

    One stat that was low for me was my 'river call efficiency', which was something like 1.25? And then I watched/studied a ton of live training videos and everything seemed to get better. Maybe that's another number that you could check? Although maybe yours is fine
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      How do I find that stat?

      And heres a pic of the 25k hands I have.

      The insert image doesnt seem to be working for me


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        Oh, are you using HM? I use PT, but hopefully somebody else who uses HM will stop by and know where it is?


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          The "River call efficiency" stat can be found in HEM2 by clicking on "stats" and scrolling down the list to "River". Anything between 1 and 2 is usually fine. Since your W$SD number is a nice 57%, I doubt you have much of a problem on the river.
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