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nl5 6max zoom KK

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  • nl5 6max zoom KK

    PokerStars - $0.05 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 SB: $12.48 (VPIP: 12.50, PFR: 12.50, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 9) Hero (CO): $5.00 ok can i ask a quik question about ranges in 6max zoom. in full ring i have to go by my HUD to get an idea of what ranges people stack of with. most regs only do it with AA. here in 6max zoom is it standard to stack off with KK against mostly any opponent regardless of position and reads? was villains shove with AQo standard here?

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    Is it standard to stack off KK? Yes. I stack off QQ and AK too in almost every situation. Against shorties I'd go even wider.

    Villain's play with AQ is kind of ridiculous. I would sometimes 3-bet it in SB vs MP, but fold to a 4-bet, because it's never ahead at these stakes, as you're pretty much never 4-bet bluffing and always calling a shove.
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      O think im gonna enjoy 6max then if thats the case...full ring gets boring regs only stacking off with AA.

      Yeah i thought AQo was a bit weak there, I 4 bet light alot but prety sure villain didnt know this.


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        I play these stakes pretty frequently. Readless stack off w/KK/AA versus 3bets when you are in early position.

        Late position things get tricky. I've seen some crazy things blind versus blind but AQ is def not a standard stack off in the spot above. You may have induced with your 4bet sizing, very nice

        Zoom is nitty that's just the way the game plays. When you're done with a session have a look at the big pots you weren't involved in in the hand history and get a feel for what people will stack with.

        It is important to say that while some of the pool will stack with QQ/JJ/AK in spots, not everyone does.
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          Hi there. So KK vs AA is giving you a headache. Having blown a ton in this situation,here is my 2 big blinds worth of input. If you have 100 big blinds you should be delighted to get all in pre flop with your kings. AA vs KK is not so common. It only seems that way on zoom because of the massive volume. 100-200 BB stacks and things get trickier. It is player and gut feeling dependent. 200 BB + effective stacks , you don't want to play a massive pot with KK.
          50BB stacks you can stack off lighter than KK . 99+ AQ+ if you are comfortable with that.
          I hope this is helpful. KK is definitely a monster hand for 100 BB. Holdem manager confirms this.


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            ok thanks i feel a bit more confident already....after playing so much full ring i was getting used to mostly only stacking of with AA, unless they were donks.


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              Look up some articles on 6max taxed, it's a completely different game in terms of hand ranges. I mean technically you just remove the first 3 positions but there's so much more to it than that.

              You'll get an idea for villain stack off ranges at the stakes you play by watching the big pots play out. It changes with limits, and game type.
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