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nl5 6m zoom bet turn or..?

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  • nl5 6m zoom bet turn or..?

    just started playing zoom 6 max from full ring and getting used to ranges, i supose people call 3 bets more often here than FR so there gonna have more suited connecter type hands.

    sry no reads iv hardly any hands at 6max zoom.

    So here on turn shall i bet again or c/c, i think i should bet, but being both very deep wasnt sure?

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    I think I would probably bet out again on the turn and check river, though I have check called too, not sure which is best.

    I think you played the hand well though.


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      think i agree


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        Just watched a vid on Bet-Folding from the video library that showed some similar spots (oop with a middling-strength hand, and a villain that called the flop c-bet), and talked about the kind of stuff we can look at to decide if betting or checking might be better, when neither's a super-great choice - it talked about stuff like if there are worse hands that'll call. Gonna go play for a bit, but will come back and add the link to the vid later ... it was very helpful umbup:


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          thanks man, that vid sounds like it will be useful, will look forward to watching


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            Gonna take a lil break before doing the dishes - what a life Here's the links to the vids - ya, they were really good umbup: And sometimes ... it can just be nice to see that we all get in the same sorts of spots? So there was that too : Bet Fold FTW Part 1 Bet Fold FTW Part 2 There were so many things mentioned in the vid, but guess the main stuff seemed to be like: 1. Figuring out if worse hands will call? 2. And then of the hands that might call a double-barrel that we're behind, do we have outs to improve to a better hand that can beat those hands? 3. And then it's a bet-fold if the villain re-raises and wouldn't likely do that with worse? Think I may do a Value Betting Primer (just talking to myself I guess )
            Last edited by TrustySam; Fri May 02, 2014, 02:41 AM.


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              hey thanks alot sam, they vids look like they will be very interesting, iv watched alot of gareths stuff and think hes a great player.

              Iv walked in the door tho and its nearly one in the morning lol, so im gonna leave it till tomorrow to watch them ill let u know what i think. thanks tho man.!


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                yw umbup:



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