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NL5 Zoom, Correct to just call RR pre-flop?

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  • NL5 Zoom, Correct to just call RR pre-flop?

    Hi, I've got KK mid position, facing unknowns, UTG raises, I re-raise, then BB re-raises 3x my raise. Can this hand be narrowed to a premium pair or AKs? As villain is unknown and I have position, I just called for $0.70, a sizeable chunk of my stack, but as villain most likely has AA/KK/QQ or AK, Is my call pre-flop correct or should I just shove? Hand turned out OK, but was it played correctly?

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    Unless villain is prone to squeezing light or is hyper-aggro (which isn't overly common at these stakes), and is more of a standard TAG, he should have KK+/AK here nearly always. I mean, you 3-bet vs UTG, so you've nearly always got a monster, but the BB brought out the cold 4-bet. It would be spewy to do this with anything light. FWIW, I think most TAG/nits will just flat with QQ or worse in the BB given the action up to that point.
    I kind of like your flat call pre, and post-flop plays itself. If the board had come all low cards, I think you probably have to call down with a sick feeling in your stomach, as villain is gonna have aces pretty often if he comes out firing. I'm not good enough to fold an overpair of kings when the stack to pot ratio is barely over 2 on the flop, because there is a small chance that he shows up with queens or AK.

    If it turned out in the long run that this villain is an ubernit, there's a case to be made for folding to the 4-bet, but this situation happens so infrequently that I don't think you should be considering folding kings pre-flop at 5NL with much seriousness.
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