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How would you play this hand?

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  • How would you play this hand?

    How do you spot such a flush? I was very controlled and was $54 up in this game and this happened. Really SAD. I recovered most of it but ended up with -ve ROI session. straight Vs flush
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    Check/raise flop big and continue betting on turn. No reason to slow play on a board like this.


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      You dont spot it! Think your thinking too deeply! Opponent was playing fairly strong holdings & just happened to get a back door flush. No? I think a more realistic question is _ How does he spot your KJos Other than that, what more could you have done? played the hand right in my opinion - DID THE OPPONENT?


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        Hi vjgaming,

        Without reads I think calling preflop out of position with KJo is marginal, it gets us in a lot of weird kicker spots and I'm not sure we are making money with this call (without any read on V5 I'm not sure where the profit is coming from).

        On the flop I think it's very important, critical even, to raise. We have a board that hit's villains preflop raising range well... the misses like 88 we can get a c-bet out of then have him fold is fine, he won't put any more $ in the pot after we call anyway. The big aces are all hands that will continue, AQ/AT/AA/QQ/TT may well reraise us directly on the flop after we check/raise him. It's much better to get those hands all in now, before a K or J can come off and kill our action, or say a Q comes off and scares AT/AK.

        As for spotting the flush, like ShineOn says, you don't. You got the majority of the money in on the turn before the flush came. Sometimes he will show up with AKh, AQh, AJh, those flush combos he can hold exist but are relatively few, a low % of his over all stack off range, but it doesn't matter.

        Look at it this way, if you think he will call the big check raise on the turn with sets and flush draws, then there's 9 combos of AA/QQ/TT and likely less combos of flush draws than 9. Actually you'd rather he have more combos of flush draws. Why? The more he's got, the more often he puts all that money in bad vs your nut hand. Flush draws have 9 outs on the river, sets have 10 outs. All of them are drawing bad with 1 card to come.
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