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10NL 6max zoom, JJ on BB

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  • 10NL 6max zoom, JJ on BB

    Villains unknown.

    Question 1: 4bet-squeeze crossed my mind but decided to flatcall. Is this a good spot to squeeze ?

    Question 2 : I called the big bet from UTG OTF. I have an OESD and blockers to broadway but this flop hits their ranges so so good imo... maybe I just should have folded....

    Question 3: Turn is ugly. I hit my set but broadway got there. I was happy checking to see a free river but am basically done with the hand unless I boat up.
    Should I have bet here? for value or bluff or both?

    Question 4: valuebet the river is oke? I believe I can get value from broadway, AQ, TT, Maybe 9-K straight. Is it better to shove as I'm potcommitted anyway, and a shove look like I wanna push him of broadway?
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    Hi rk,

    1) I think flat calling is optimal here.

    2) I would fold. None of our outs are clean and all of them make the board scary/difficult to get paid off, so our implied odds are poor.

    3) I don't know, probably check is best, and we can call some bet sizings. See #2 and #3 doesn't become an issue.

    4) Big river value bet seems too thin to me. Ax would have bet the turn I would expect. Ax will call this bet but will bet themselves if you check to them... likewise with TT. KJ/KT/QT won't call a big bet, but may call a small one or bet river if checked to.
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