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First PSO Qualifer Tourny

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  • First PSO Qualifer Tourny

    I entered my first PSL qualifier tourney today and had 2 new things going on. I was going to follow some sound advice/strategy i received very recently on preflop and post flop betting. I was also using pokertracker for the first time as a HUD. The strategy was/is a good idea and I will be continuing with it. The first time with pokertracker wasn't so much a good idea as I had information overload and my brain was firing off synapses at mach 5 but my built in brain ram is only rated for mach 1. Not a good thing. It did add to my error. I was down some chips before this first hand as I had 3bet PF with a proper hand in position and had the BB go all in. Turns out this seat did this as a strategy and he went out after his 4th all in after 8 hands. So my first hand. I think I made the right move as with the paired board the seat that went all-in over my 3 bet could have had the set... or not maybe but still the right decision to stay in the tourney I believe. The next hand I entered was this one. I limped in BB with KQo. Flop hit me KK with no over cards. I bet 2/3 pot with 1 call which I believe was the right move and this could have won me the pot but the SB called. River paired the board with two 8's and my mistake was too info on the screen and having a hard time believing the same seat hit the set again. But he was SB and did just call into the pot so could have had anything and I should have thought that through much smarter and folded to live another day correct?? Thanks for any feedback. Randy PS Can a mod move this to the proper forum please. sorry
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    Hi Randy! With these being league games, I need to play them much tighter than a standard tourney and cannot take chances. I do agree with the way that the first one was played, but not the second. In the second hand, I can either check and see a free flop or make a standard raise preflop. I agree with the flop play, but when the opp calls, I need to check the turn when the board pairs. Any bet pot-commits me and I do not want to be pot-committed unless I know that I will have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board. Due to this, I need to check and fold to any sizable bet on the turn. If it was a standard cash tourney, I'd raise preflop and then jam the flop, but with this being a league game (especially late in the month when the point penalties are much more severe, I need to be much more cautious). Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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