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5nl zoom 6max, question regarding our equity in this spot?

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  • 5nl zoom 6max, question regarding our equity in this spot?

    Just wondering if anyone could help me here. Villain is 22/19 agg 1.1 over 200 hand sample, 3 bet 4.4 fold to 3bet 17%. Preflop I make a play i don't normally do, which is 3betting the utg opener w/AQ. My reasoning here was I've notes on this guy opening trash utg (j10off, qj off), and as he's not folding to 3bets I def think he can call with worse hands here. Would fold to a 4bet. villain has been very passive in the hand sample, c/calling a lot (fold to cbet 29%) (w$s 20%), so obviously great flop. Expect him to c/call down with a ton of hands. I would include any pair with a club, any queen and pair etc. My question here is against a passive player who c/raises this flop so big, what type of range do we believe villain has, and what is our equity against his range? He is freerolling with the same hand w/a or queen of clubs. Would he raise a set? Would he raise AK w/A clubs? I was really confused in this spot because I couldnt figure out on the spot what worse hands villain would raise here aside from sets.
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    With the given information try and determine what you believe his UTG opening range is. Once you do that, decide what hands you think call your 3-bet. Now you can compare that range to your specific hand or hand range on the flop. Finally, decide what parts of that range continue on that flop and compare your hand or range against that. Input everything into the PSO odds calculator.

    I think generally speaking against this type of villain I would just re-raise flop and get it in. It does really suck having the chance that your drawing dead, but that said, if villain is raising something like AK with a club you do want to get it in right away though. I don't think villain is overall passive enough to put him on exactly a flush on the flop.


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      ty Rocker, yeah I will do some study into this tonight.

      I did get it in but was still curious about my equity.
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        I got you 60% equity

        My imaginary range, which probably is quite wrong:
        { JJ-TT,QdQc,QhQc,QsQc,KJs-KTs,AcKc,AcQc,KcQc,AcJc,QcJc,JcTc,Tc9c,AcKd,AcKh,A cKs,AcQd,AcQh,AcQs,AcJd,AcJh,AcJs,KdQc,KhQc,KsQc}

        There are same cards than on the board, but equity calculator will handle it.
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          ty braveslice, much appreciated. Need to do this stuff myself!
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