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5nl Zoom 6max, standard c/call down?

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  • 5nl Zoom 6max, standard c/call down?

    Villain is 21/17 agg 5.0 through 109 hands. 3bet 5% and cbet 71% through 7 occasions. wtsd 8% and w$s 100%. turn cbet 40%. 3 of us are deep and Villain 6 seems like a rec. 1 tabling and playing a ton of hands through a 50 hand sample. So I think flatting is fine, keeps him in and we have position on the aggressor. The pre flop action is a bit worrying what with the min raises everywhere (LOL!). My plan was to call down here, pretty standard yes? Villains wtsd and agg, although a small sample, tells me he has a wide enough range here for it to be plus ev. The turn bet sizing is huge, and really worried me. Doesnt scream of value on a dry board imo, then again does he bet that big on the turn with hands that I am ahead of? It's pretty polarised I think, to hands that have me crushed and hands I'm crushing. If he had aces/queens pre he's now ahead, villain probably plays aq like this too. Of course there is the spazz element also. What do you guys think?
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    Preflop, there is only one min-raise and that is the bet to 25 cents. The raise to 50 cents is not a min-raise, as this opp only has to raise to 35 cents as the previous raise was by 10 cents, so a min would be to 35.

    When it gets back to me preflop, I'd re-raise to $1.25-$1.35. That way I can find out real quickly if I'm up against another premium hand. Calling down with a premium pair is not what I normally want to be doing. I want to have the initiative in the hand and bet aggressive, not to be passive and call.

    By playing the hand passively, I have no clue whether or not I'm ahead, so I don't know whether to raise or fold.

    John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John, it's a leak of mine. Put myself in tricky spots doing this.
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        I’m not sure it goes directly here as we would be stacking of pre right?



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