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5NL 6max - Stop and Go or Shorty $1 raise and go

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  • 5NL 6max - Stop and Go or Shorty $1 raise and go

    A bit confused where to post this (5NL cash), the question is we have $5 in bb and the $1 btn raises 5x...

    We do see equity value on hand strength or effective stack 20bb vs 100bb? Or maybe not, so is this a leak bad play?

    I listen in live training about "stop and go" but think that is tournament play rather than cash. Change it to "raise and go" from a cash shorty?

    I think flop 2nd pair and back draws have equity - or I am making a big mistake. No reads what are you doing so short, a pro 1/2 stack player, no?

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    I don't see the point in calling the 5x open pre-flop. Against that size we won't be turning a profit, especially given that he is short, so there are absolutely no implied odds here either.

    On the flop, we flop about as well as we can expect to, so if we were calling pre-flop then given how little he has left behind I guess we might as well just go with it.

    It all just seems like spew though.

    Any reason you keep switching stakes every day? Seen everything from 5NL to 50NL in the last week or so.


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      Villain is too short for you to play this hand. He's just put a quarter of his stack in the middle, so you have no implied odds, and probably no fold equity if you shove on him. (He snaps with all pairs and AJ+).
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        ^^Agree with them, this is a fold preflop, and imo it's not even close.
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