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10NL 6m zoom. TT in SB

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  • 10NL 6m zoom. TT in SB

    Villain plays 40/40/0% 3bet but only 5 hands so no real read. I think OTF my play is oke. OTT: should I have bet here or just give up after he calls the flop ? OTR: ment as tiny value bet to get value from 9x or a flopped 2 pair. Anyone calling here?

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    Nice hand to talk about. Open utg suggests a strong range, lets go with 77+ AQ+. We check/raise low flop which I like others will not - but it suggests our strong line. We represent 99 (set) or an over pair to the board. But unfortunately not a monster QQ+ which the villain may think we 3bet pre flop.

    When we get the call to our flop raise the alarm bells sound! Even though the turn K is a good barrel card it smacks the utg open range (I'm a fan of opening KQ early position). Betting turn creates another problem on the river. When the board pairs a 3 we are probably a counterfeited 2 pair.

    Even though I like pre and post flop (just my opinion) I'd close down on the turn. If we took that line I'd be interested to hear what our river line should be? Check/fold for me but I mess up river decisions!
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      I think I would take a XC, XC, XF line here.

      But… As played I think XR, B, BF is the best option. You could also go for XR, B, XC line. I think XR, B, XF is the worst option.


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        Hey rk,

        I don't agree that OTF is ok... it's maybe my least favored option. When you c/r I would expect you to fold out all the lower equity hands in his range (like AhKh) and only get continued action from the high equity hands (AsXs, KsXs, JJ+, 99, 77). Yuck.

        I think much better flop options are to check/call, or simply to lead out and donk into him.

        As played, Once he calls on the flop, I think we're not in good shape.

        The river bet I don't like, you are betting for thin value, but what is your target? A9? that's about all we can hope to get called by here. Meanwhile JJ+, KsXs are never folding. A value bet here is just too thin imo.

        The biggest part of the problem, I think, is that our line on the flop has forced villain to abandon the weakest parts of his range, so when he gets to the river his range is stronger and our hand really doesn't fair well against it any more. Hope that makes sense.
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