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25NL RUSH, AKs OOP 5Bpot 236bb deep

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  • 25NL RUSH, AKs OOP 5Bpot 236bb deep

    Please comment on how this was played... Also would like to know what you would do if we get raised OTT... Thanks! Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Full Tilt Converter Tool from saw flop | saw showdown MP ($56.82) CO ($10.57) VPIP: 9, PFR: 9, 3B: 8, AF: 0.0, Hands: 23 Button ($59.04) VPIP: 27, PFR: 20, 3B: 9, AF: 1.0, Hands: 59 SB ($9.75) Hero (BB) ($71.64) UTG ($51.53) Preflop: Hero is BB with A, K 2 folds, CO raises to $0.50, Button raises to $1.50, 1 fold, Hero raises to $3.30, 1 fold, Button raises to $7.80, Hero calls $4.50 Flop: ($16.20) A, 3, 7 (2 players) Hero checks, Button checks Turn: ($16.20) 2 (2 players) Hero bets $10, Button calls $10 River: ($36.20) Q (2 players) Hero bets $25, Button calls $25 Total pot: $86.20 | Rake: $3 Results below:

    Button had A, 2 (two pair, Aces and twos). Hero had A, K (flush, Ace high). Outcome: Hero won $83.20[/spoiler]
    Last edited by dirt eh; Wed Apr 23, 2014, 09:43 PM. Reason: Trying to get the BUTTON's hand into the replayer!

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    Yikes, not sure how much I love playing a 5bet pot OOP, we are pretty deep though so I think if we are going to continue that I prefer calling than getting it in pre which a 6bet would inevitably lead to.

    I think I probably just call the 3bet pre, yes BTN can be ISOing a nitty looking player, but if we call we can keep his crap in the hand too and respond to the CO if he decides to re-open the action.

    Post flop, as played, I think I play every street the same.

    Without looking at the result, I'm guessing he had either a big Ace hand, a premium pair, including possibly a set/two pair by the river. Now to see how wrong I was.


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      i think you did well, its always though to play ak after getting raised. if he 4 bets i think you should have fold. but depending on the villian type i think you also can do a 4 bet, because at this stakes its better having a 4 bet fold range , because we cant play only abc , and for value, hope that helps.


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        Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
        Post flop, as played, I think I play every street the same.
        Originally posted by scarface763 View Post
        i think you did well, its always though to play ak after getting raised.
        I disagree that I played this well. I don't want to say what should be different but lets see what the HA has to say.


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          Yeah I'd def have 4bet to 5 bucks, maybe a bit more oop. We're deep and I would be looking to start building that pot right now.

          We're obv going for the co stack here and if he shoves and button calls we can see a flop/ re raise. Really up to you and any reads would help. If button were to raise over the co shove I would prob fold.

          I'd also be thinking about the range the button would be stacking off with against co here for 40ish bb. I would go with 77 plus, maybe a9s plus. We're doing pretty well against that range though I don't have exact equity calcs.

          I def don't like the 5bet, but hey it's a decent price and we're deep so obv never folding. Like the way you played all streets.

          As regards the turn, I think i'm calling a shove. Thinking back to the pre flop action, what kind of hand would 5bet us that is beating us at this point on the turn? It's hard to put villain on two pair here/sets unless he has aces (1 combo) as it would make sense for him to flat your 4bet ip with those marginal holdings.

          Do we think villain has a 5bet bluff range? If so he can have some two pair (Axsuited)/ combo draws (78/67hh). I wouldn't read into the aggression stat after so little hands. I guess if you're worried about that ott c/call but we have so much equity at this point in the pot that I would be betting with the intention of calling a shove.
          Last edited by Paddy Gar; Thu Apr 24, 2014, 05:38 AM.
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            Hi dirt,

            Firstly I don't care to 4-bet preflop playing so deep, I will generally flat the 3B. Once villain 5-bets I think calling is the only play personally... our hand has enough value to go to the flop (although I'm not excited we bloated this pot so much) and 6-betting vs. a non-maniac is just spew this deep imo, we will routinely find ourselves stacked off bad.

            Flop: Looks good, I would check to him.

            Turn: Looks good, I won't quibble about bet sizing yet...

            River: I saved my bet sizing quibble for here. I think the sizing you chose is sub-optimal... Let's think about what our target hands are to get called by-

            KK: A small sizing, like $15, fits best vs. this target. This is also the weakest hand that calls us imo.

            Ax: Again a small sizing probably fits best, but he may hero a large sizing a bit more frequently since he has a blocker to us holding an ace, and it feels like a stronger hand to most players mentally (even though A8 is no different than KK in this situation tbh). It also requires him to be 5-betting light preflop, which players that do will also tend to hero us for bigger river sizings in my experience.

            AQ/QQ/AA: All hands he could realistically show up with, and all these will call a big bet.

            So what would a good big bet sizing be? Your sizing of $25 is a big bet, but he's only got $41 left on the river with $36.20 in the pot. Anything he will call for $25, he's probably calling with almost the same frequency for the whole $41, so when he's got one of these hands we are leaving $16 on the table.

            This is why I think $25 is not optimal here... it doesn't serve to get the lighter calls enough imo, while also leaving money on the table from the big hands.

            As for range, I would assume most players don't 5b lite too much in spots like this until I see they are capable of it (it's not even a good spot for it imo), so I am not expecting Ax much at all (and think if he does, he will frequently hero us for a big bet anyway).

            KK = 3 card combos
            AA = 1
            QQ = 3
            AQ = 6

            So based on his most probable holdings imo, he's a 10-3 favorite to have a hand that will call the whole enchilada... set him all in on the river.
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              Dave, the river bet is exactly where I thought I went wrong and that's why I posted this hand. Having said that, I also think that I should have bet closer to $13 OTT in order to shove less than a PSB OTR but then again maybe it doesn't matter in this spot...

              Also thought it was interesting to see the villain show up with A2 of diamonds... LOL. In my experience of playing at FULL TILT POKER for the past week... It's full of these players! It's frustrating because they are all making extremely non conventional plays. But it's rewarding when your hand holds up!


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                Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
                I disagree that I played this well. I don't want to say what should be different but lets see what the HA has to say.
                Well, I never said it was played well, I said that I would play all streets the same ie. x/c Bet and Bet. Sizings would probably have been different as I do tend to go a bit bigger (Probably too big) with my bets. I do think that the hand was played fine though apart from the pre-flopumbup:



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