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Risky? Bad? or ideal? - 10NL 6max

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  • Risky? Bad? or ideal? - 10NL 6max

    Wondering about my play. I figued i may get 2 pair to fold...Straight draws are most likely calling. over pairs possibly and any sets..... curious to know if this is a fold? call and re-evaluate on the turn or what?

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    Pre flop IMO it is a raise A2s at 10NL stakes in a 6max game. Some may make a fold here, depending on whether you think the action behind you will fold. Here you have position, but if the btn 3bets you, what is your plan?

    Post flop when you see calls 4 way to a party, then get lead into by the sb and the bb raises the flop bet! Are you thinking your A2 is good?

    Are there 3 better hands on the flop than our hand we can jam for value? The btn still has to act - we may lose! If you are bluffing, do you think all villain's will fold?

    Going with the equilab/pokerstovers may say if we include the $4.41 btn in the pot 4 way - possible!

    We can't make that level of decision on an "what if"?

    I'm going with a fold on the flop aggression, don't jam your stack in now!

    PS: Just read what I posted. No jokes, OK in my head no hud or reads, btn weak/strong checks position is irrelevant, when 2 more players are calling/involved it is more obvious. Now what happens OTF is aggressive.
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Tue Apr 22, 2014, 06:17 AM. Reason: PS no jokes post flop


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      Hi Tauto_88! Opening from the CO with A2s is fine. I would fold A2o though. You have a good draw to the nut flush on the flop, but how many outs do you have? Probably only 8 since the would pair the board making a full house possible. Without reads on the villains, what can we say in general about this situation? Most players play honestly in pots with multiple opponents. Here we have an utg bet followed by a solid raise. The bettor might have some weaker hands such as overpairs in his range, but the raiser is going to have a set here more times than not. We can safely assume that we are behind at the moment, but we do have the potential to improve to a flush that would crush a set. Moreover, we can safely assume that at least one of the villains will call a shove which gives us little or no fold equity. Therefore this becomes a matter of pot odds. With only 8 good flush outs, we are not getting good odds to continue by moving all in unless all three opponents were to call your all in. If the btn folds or either of the other two players, this becomes -ev. Calling the raise is not a good option either since you are not getting good direct odds to see the turn and there are two players left to act who may 3b. Moreover, if you were to call, a flush card on the turn will often shut down the action. Fold on the flop in order to avoid creating a spot where we are giving ourself poor odds. GL and have fun at the tables! Roland GTX


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        Yeah I'm with Roland GTX on this one, you've got essentially zero fold equity against your opposition as a whole and you're not getting anywhere near good enough pot odds to get it in against a range where at least one of your opponents is going to have sets +.



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