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Call or raise? Final table of 180 man.

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  • Call or raise? Final table of 180 man.

    I have been debating this hand for a few days and would appreciate some input on it.

    Three people left in a 180 man SNG.

    Chip leader had 137K
    2nd had 76k
    I had 54K

    Blinds at 1K/2K with a 200 ante.

    I am dealt 9d9s in the BB. Chip leader raises to 5500, SB calls. To be brutally honest with myself, my opponents have been playing better than me.

    I have played with both of my opponents for a while (not just at the final table). My read on the chip leader is that he will open with a wide range. I have taken a few pots off of him during the tourney. I haven't seen my other opponent just call a raise with a premium hand. They have come over the top. Given both of these factors, I shove for all my chips.

    I ended up being called by the SB who turned over AhJs and they turned a jack.

    Anyway my debate has been whether I needed to shove there, or if a call would have been fine. Flop came 566 rainbow, but obviously the flop could have came a lot differently too.

    I have a pro and a con for both approaches.

    Pro for shove is that it makes someone decide on investing a good portion of their stack. Con is that likely I am either a coin flip or way behind if called.

    Pro for call is that I can see a flop fairly cheap and go from there. Con is that flop could have easily been a lot different than what it was.

    After really thinking about this. I think I should have called preflop given that I would have still had about 25BB's even if I just called and folded the flop.

    That said, what do you think?

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    Hi MRSWAT! When there is a raise to 5500, a call is taken out of my playbook. If I want to call to setmine, I need to have 15 times the bet in both my stack and the opp's stack. I don't have that many, so my options are now to shove or fold. 3 handed with 99 and as the shortest at the table, I'm shoving. The reason for the shove is that if I want to re-raise, I need to raise to around 3X the previous bet and this bet basically pot-commits me (if I make it, then I can't later fold in the hand). If it's me in that situation, I'm 3-bet shoving with 99. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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