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KK 4 to a straight and paired board - River value?

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  • KK 4 to a straight and paired board - River value?

    I suck at these spots, still, but hopefully not for too much longer. Hand plays itself pretty much but again on the river, should this be just a check back, we're beating all over pairs to the board apart from AA but 77-33 beats us and we are beat by numerous two pair, straight and set possibilities which against an unknown in the blinds is definitely can't be discounted. Is this just a bet/fold spot if he comes over the top?

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    Pretty thin to bet this river.


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      Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
      Pretty thin to bet this river.
      It is pretty thin, but, would he not be raising his value hands somewhere before the river? River only improves 4x or sets that were overly worried about a flush hitting.

      A2 and 6x were already there too and could/should have raised for value.


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        That board crushes/misses most CC ranges in the SB vs. BTN open. Any stats on the villain? Read-less, I give the villain 44-77 and all suited broadway diamonds. I guess it depends what you think the villains CC range in the SB is and what types of hands you can extract value from.

        You could bet fold but looking at the action OTT. I would assume the villain has a set of 2 diamonds... What are you looking to get paid from? 88-JJ? If you think they're CCing with 88-JJ then I think we can bet fold here for about 9/16th pot. LOL


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          Hi bhoy,

          With no reads other than the play of this hand, I would bet about $1.50 for value here. We block some of the busted flush draws, and can have busted draws in our range, so I do think we are getting called by 88-JJ, A7, 75, A5.

          If you're not comfortable folding to a c/r, then just check and show it down, it's probably a tad thin if we are paying off a raise. I doubt villain would be bluffing much in that situation, since he's already had an opportunity to bluff the scare card on the turn, and lead river, but passed both those bluff chances up.
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