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Nl10 Zoom, Shoved 10 high flop, correct value shove?

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  • Nl10 Zoom, Shoved 10 high flop, correct value shove?

    Hi, AA mid position with one raise before, I put in a big re-raise to isolate original raiser, but I get one call behind for 17BB, original raiser folds. The flop comes 3/3/10, I cannot put villain on 10/10. With such a big call behind villain must have KK or QQ? I decided to shove now for max value. Correct value shove?

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    His stack size suggests he is probably a fish, so I wouldn't totally discount TT as being in his range to call such a big pre-flop amount, but its fair to say it is pretty unlucky if we run into that.

    It's going to be pretty easy to get his money in the middle, so I don't mind betting half-pot and calling any shove, or shoving any turn if he calls as it will only be a half pot bet. We're committed to going broke here anyway.


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      Your raise PF and your bet OTF are pretty bad tbh.

      PF: $1.35 would have been more than big enough.
      OTF: Your bet is sooo big that you're only targeting TT+ and AK of diamonds. Note that if this player had anything other than TT-QQ+ and 2 big diamonds... you're not getting paid. I would much rather cbet 1/2 pot and jam the turn.


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        If we make the villain fold his JJ/QQ here some of the time because of sizing its a shame

        There's no rush to put those chips in the middle mate, standard for 3bet pots is to bet smaller than normal due to it being so much easier to get stacks in.

        I would bet 1/2 pot on the flop, then jam turn.
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          Hi F1sh,

          Getting it in on the flop is fine, the only hands in his range that beat us are TT and 33, and there's only 4 combos of those, everything else we're ahead of. I don't think moving all in directly for 1.5x pot is necessarily the best option though, would you do this with your entire range? (Including AK and resteals like KQ). I would probably bet like 1.75 and fold to a shove with some of your range, so I like that better as it will

          1) encourage/inspire JJ/QQ/99/88 to think they are winning
          2) create an illusion of fold equity if he's got AK himself, to where he might now shove over you instead of fold to your 1.5x pot bet.
          3) There's little risk of being drawn out vs. most of his range that is trailing us.
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