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NL10 Zoom, Tricky River spot, Call or Re-raise?

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  • NL10 Zoom, Tricky River spot, Call or Re-raise?

    No reads here, villains turn bet suggested Ax (possible As)
    As no pre/post flop strength shown I think I have to call turn bet as I don't put villain on two spades here.
    They could have turned two pair with Ax or As.
    River As, I dont know where I am regarding villains betting,
    but I have to at least call the river bet with nut flush.
    Or can villain have made a FH on the river?
    I decided to just call river as any re-raise is only ahead.
    If I re-shove the river I possibly fold out any Ax?

    Comments welcome on how hand was played.

    [replay hand_id=679226 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=387D7B80B3]

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    I've kind of forgotten what my pre-flop ranges would be from this position in full ring but I dunno if I am opening it from here, I can't honestly remember, even though I only stopped playing FR this year.

    I guess its ok though.

    Post flop, I think you played it fine, I don't like to shove river on the paired board. I think he can have made 444AA, 777AA but unlikely to have made JJJAA. AAAJJ I guess is reasonable too as its not exactly an insta 3bet or anything.

    I think you played it well if you think he will pay you off when the flush hits.


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      Hi F1sh,

      This seems like a good turn card for us to barrel, as we've picked up a gut shot and it's a scare card to most of his flop calling range, one that hits our range a fair bit. So not really sure about check/calling and giving up the lead tbh.

      As played I think check/calling is fine, although check/shoving or leading out for an overbet might be better options here as it looks so bluffy on this run out after we check/call turn, we will get looked up by Ax and obviously if he was on a spade draw too we overflush him, so I think there's enough compensation for the times we run into a boat.
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