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Passive Vs Aggressive

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  • Passive Vs Aggressive

    What do you think? Could this have played more aggressively by the HERO?

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    One hand requiring analysis


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      ** moved to Advanced NLHE Cash Game Reviews (10NL Plus) **
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        First hand is fine. You could have gone for a XR OTF, but as played is fine.

        Second hand, I don't like the DONKbet. This isn't good. We aren't accomplishing anything here my DONKbetting. I would XC OTF. Maybe XC OTT depending on the villains sizing and or tendencies of double barreling. And XF OTR.


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          Hand 1 is ok. His bet looks so weak on the flop, I'd have been tempted to throw in a c/raise.

          Hand 2 I would just fold pre flop. Sure it's great when you hit a disguised straight/2pair/flush...but facig an utg raise it just gets you in tough situations post flop more often than not.

          If you're going to make those calls pre you need to be comfortable with your post flop game and knowing where you are at in the hand. As played I would just fold the river.

          If i was the villain I would have a pretty good idea of your hand range on the river given your line and be able to value town you quite easily.
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            Hand 1 is burning money on the turn OOP, villain would have to call a pretty big donk on the river, its obvious he is checking back on any river.

            Hand 2 im not so sure because i dont see pro short stackers at my stacks but my guess is he isnt a fish and your asking for trouble calling his UTG open, i would just fold even with juicy odds your probably gonna lose more money calling 1 or 2 bets than you are when you win his 40bb stack when you hit two pair+


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              Hey vjgaming, welcome to the forums!

              In hand 1 I think flatting pre is good, although 3-betting could be too depending on the opponent's tendencies and whether or not you would like to BB to be in that pot. I actually think that leading out OTF could be quite a good option here as you can take down the pot with some FE and fall back on some outs even OOP. Calling turn OOP with the 2nd nutflushdraw when the board pairs even for the price you're being given doesn't seem attractive. You could draw to a 2nd best hand or not manage to make any more money when a flushcard hits. I would check/fold here with villain showing decent aggression multiway on 2 streets.

              In hand 2 I think calling in the BB is good given the price, from there I'd check/call flop and have villain take a stab with worse instead of leading out with a bad kicker. We're probably only getting called by a lot better hands and can't expect to make too much money from a wider range that we could be up against had we checked. Same applies for the turn and on the river it seems like he is gunning for some thin value so I'd fold there.
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                Thank You all!! Some valuable insights



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