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NL10 Zoom, KK on Q high flop, Bad Fold?

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  • NL10 Zoom, KK on Q high flop, Bad Fold?

    Hi, This was a strange hand, pre-flop raiser notes slow plays AA Decided to just flat in this spot, villain usually only raises oop with premium hands or Ax. With four to act behind, I suspect only one may call. Without being results orientated, should I have shoved flop? I would have shoved the BB flop bet if villain had folded.
    Last edited by F1sh4UrCh1p5; Fri Apr 18, 2014, 11:41 PM.

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    Why aren't you 3betting? You provided no logical reason for not doing so.

    As played I snap call/shove. If you are beat it's a cooler.


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      Hi F1sh4UrCh1p5,

      I think our note on villain that they slow play Aces does not mean we cannot 3bet. If they are flatting 3bets with AA (if that is what you mean by slow playing) then this allows them to flat with many more hands too because they have widened their flatting range which means we can get value from the weak end of their range by 3betting preflop. Now if the villain is super nitty and only raises premiums then there is a reason to flat their preflop raise and not 3bet. There's really not much information we can extract from either villains since we don't have stats or reads but we have under-repped our hand so much that I think we can be profitable jamming in this spot.



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