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NL2 zoom good or bad call

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  • NL2 zoom good or bad call

    looking at his stack size i tought calling is right

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    Hi net.exe!

    Unless I had a note on the opp saying that they were a total nit, I'm more than happy to call off for 1/3 of my stack with AK preflop. Well played.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi, JWK24, Hi net.exe!

      I don't understand, why should we call the all-in:

      by my calculation, the chances AK wins QQ is lower than 48.7%(include the QQ make a set but AK doesn't make trips).

      AK is not on BB/SB, so the pot equity of calling 0.91 to win 1.85 is 49.1%,
      it is worse than a coinflip,

      and what if the villain has a KK? AK wins only 1/3.


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        You can call because villain is short stacked and villains will shove with a wider range than you might think. AJ AQ, JJ, TT, even some real bad hands. Like John said if you have a note that he shoves only AA/KK when short stacked then yes fold.


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          Hi all,

          I agree, because he is short stacked and you have already built up your pot then it's worth the risk.

          If he was pushing $2+ I'd probably fold... only because on 2NL I've noticed that less than $1 shoves are normally worse than QQ and AK.

          WiCD, yes calculation wise, AK vs QQ is not a good shove... it's a coin flip... but you are making an educated decision that they AA, KK, QQ and JJ are unlikely, and they more than likely have Ax or Kx or suited connectors... all of which you will be ahead of preflop.

          Make sense?

          If we knew the cards before... then obviously no... don't call... but we don't. That's why we need to "range" them.




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            I can't just look at the opp's exact cards, I need to take their whole range into account.

            If an opp would shove 10% of hands, then my AK has 58% equity. If they'd shove wider, then I have even more equity.

            If I'm up against a nit, on the other hand, that would only shove QQ+, AK+... then I need to fold.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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