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T9o MP vs Nit BTN - vs flop re-raise

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  • T9o MP vs Nit BTN - vs flop re-raise

    This hand is the first in a while where I have probably been totally unsure of myself. I open T9o from MP and the button calls, he's playing 15/14 over 185 hands and has a 7% 3bet over 57 opportunities. AGf of 2.1. So Nittish. I mean, I play a wider range than he does. Flop is HU, and I flop a straight, I have the nuts at this stage, and given the nature of the flop I see no value at all in slowplay, in fact, a tonne of danger. I get raised by the button, I think his range for doing this is sets (Most likely 8's as he does 3bet a decent % so I think he would with QQ/JJ), two pair (QJ) and possibly strong draws? Flush and straight draws are possible of course. I 3bet flop, he just calls, first off, on this flop, should I be looking to just get the money in here? That was my intention. River brings Kc, 3 to a flush, 3 to a straight, not great, yet, I feel if I do not bet here, I just allow him the opportunity to take the pot away. Bet/Fold to a shove, as horrible as that seems? River, 4 to a flush, I have a flush now, far from the nut flush though. River action? Can I get called by worse if I shove? Can I Call a shove? I was left totally perplexed in the end. I'm not thrilled with how I played the hand but against an overall range here I thought I was probably ahead on the river. Thoughts? (Apart from tl;dr) Board: Q:club:J:spade:8:club: K:club: 5:club:        Equity     Win     Tie MP2    70.73%  70.73%   0.00% { Td9c } MP3    29.27%  29.27%   0.00% { QQ-JJ, 88, AKs, QJs, T9s, JcTc, 7c6c, AKo, QJo, T9o }
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    T9o is a tad loose from MP. Oh well.

    I don't think that this villain has a flush or a straight OTT. I think they jam AI over your tbet. I think that their range is highly weighted towards QJ, AQ with 1 club and maybe KQ no club.

    I think we need to be X/Folding OTR. I would expect that the villain would check back all of their showdown value type hands.


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      Hi bhoy,

      Firstly, I don't like opening T9o from this position. Did you have a specific reason for doing so? I think if this is our routine we are seeding our preflop range with too many weak/garbage hands which will catch up with us over and over again post flop.

      Obviously not on this flop though. Since the board is so wet and dynamic and the villain is raising, I would prefer to reraise much larger here. At least $3.50, more like $3.75. Then if called, shove any turn card for just under a pot sized bet. The other option is to simply move all in directly. We could (in villain's eyes) take this action to "protect our hand" with AQ+, or be semi-bluffing a draw like AcKc, looking for a fold, so I'd like to have some combos of the nuts in this spot as well when I shove. We will get called off by sets, QJ, and draws, all of which we are a favorite over but which might get scared by a T or 9 turn card.

      As played, check/call river, we can't expect to get called by worse so give him a chance to turn his non-flush hands into a bluff imo.
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        Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
        Did you have a specific reason for doing so?
        The remaining players in the hand, particularly the blinds, were tight. It was small samples, but none of them were 3bet happy, the button was the most active and he was 15/14 with 7% 3bet, so I figured I would get a fold fairly often from the rest of the table to make this an ok open.
        Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
        As played, check/call river, we can't expect to get called by worse so give him a chance to turn his non-flush hands into a bluff imo.
        This is the part of the hand I really didn't like, I shoved, I did think some worse hands could call but all better hands are snap calling me too. The A of clubs is unaccounted for and he was calling with something quite clearly as there was a flop 3bet and a turn cbet. As it was, he folded, so I am still a little puzzled what he actually had in the hand. I think I probably let him get away from a set or QJ, which he might have bluffed. I should have just let him either check behind, and I could get a read on what he played like that with, as it can be interesting to see what these tight players turn up with. Or he bets, and given all the action, I think I can call. Oh well, another hand to learn fromumbup:


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          I like bigger 3bet and jamming river is fun, if you think can get called by sets, but let him value bet/bluff river. And if has higher flush, take a note.



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