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NL10 Zoom, KK mid position, can I put villain on AA

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  • NL10 Zoom, KK mid position, can I put villain on AA

    Hi, KK mid position, facing 30c bet from villain on my right. I re-raise 3xOR, villain just calls, doesn't look too strong. Flop comes Q high with three spades, I decide to continue 2/3 pot bet, villain min-raises After villain just calling my re-raise pre, AsQx looks possible, but can I give villain credit for AA? It is possible AsXs is in villains range here, but unlikely. Looks like villain is not so strong but will go with AsQx. Also villain could have QQ but pre-flop betting suggests not.

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    Hi F1sh,

    I don't think we can ever completely rule out AA, but certainly would expect a 4b preflop at least some of the time. QQ is a distinct possibility as well. So is AQ with the As as you note. Nut flushes are possible, AsKs/AsJs at least. Also since we don't hold the Ks, it puts more draws in his range, like AxKs or if he defends his opens loose, KsQx. I suppose with a low stack to pot ratio and a number of draws possible in villain's range, and no reads, I would not fold (but I don't like it).

    That being said, I think it is prudent to call his c/r and wait for the turn. If we shove I think he is calling with his entire flop c/r range, both the stuff we beat and the stuff trailing but drawing very live. So on the turn he will bet into us if we call the flop raise, and we can decide to put the rest in or fold... putting the rest in on blanks and folding on bad cards like an ace or a spade. In this way we will still be getting it in vs. his better hands, but can get away from the worse ones when he turns lucky, and get them in with much less equity on only 1 card to come when the turn is a brick.

    I would prefer to go with it on the flop if he had a number of low equity hands in his range that would stack off immediately, but I think most of his flop c/r range here will be better hands and higher equity draws with the As.

    I can also easily be persuaded to fold directly to the c/r. If we had reads that the villain was tight or straight forward then I think we have an easy fold here.
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