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10nl 6 max setting mine, continue after fbet?

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  • 10nl 6 max setting mine, continue after fbet?

    In these two situations, multiway, I call the pf bet to set mine and miss the flop. The question is whether to continue after facing the cbet/fbet. Or just folding pf or even 3 betting to isolate a speculative kind of broadway hand and re-evaluate on the flop. The first one, 77, it's a wet flop and imo not likely to have hit the range on the button, he bets small and after everybody checked. So he might have just nothing. Worthy to continue? BB and plr 5 are regs, the other ones I don't know. The second hand, 33, the player raising pf seems REC and the SB is a laggy reg (28/23). The flop is very likely to have hit the range of the REC bettor, and I don't go further than the flop which is an easier decision to me than the 77 hand.
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    I think both spots are well played.

    In hand 1 you could bet halfpot OTF against less opponents and expect to take it down a fair enough share of the time but against so many opponents I actually think that check/folding is a decent option too.

    The problem with checking to the last player is that he could now stab with weaker hands. Calling seems like an option after everybody else folds, but I also don't like it too much given there were so many opponents.
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      Thanks Sarge! #grindingitup(slowlybutsteadily)gang
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        On the first hand, the button can stab with ATC. I would deny him the chance to do that by stealing his move and betting myself.
        If anyone calls, I'd usually give up, as you're drawing to 2 outs if behind, and you don't have good equity against overcards + FD.

        When set-mining with small pairs like 55-22 (like the 33 in second hand), just check-fold every time you miss. It's basically spew to continue with 4th pair and 2 outs. "No set, no bet".
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