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NL5 Zoom, Flopped Nutz, Re-raise too large?

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  • NL5 Zoom, Flopped Nutz, Re-raise too large?

    Hi, Flopped the nutz in c/o, 4-way TJs on a 9QK rainbow flop, pot 40c. SB $1.64 stack, leads out 15c, BB folds, midP folds. How much can I re-raise here to ensure a call? or should I just flat and reel villain in down the streets? From previous advice, I'm trying to get villain all-in ASAP. I re-raised to approx 1/3 villains stack, pot committed. Villain folded here so probably over-repping their hand.

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    I wouldn't sweat it that he folded this time, he was probably just getting stupid with a weak pair and not likely to put much more more in the pot anyway.

    Don't let it make you results oriented. Raising is pretty important here imo. He is sometimes leading out with stronger hands in a 4 way pot, and sometimes with hands that will call a raise like Pair+gutshot. Attempting to get more money in now vs these parts of his range before an A, J, or T can come off and freeze your action is the right play imo.
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      This is fine. I'd probably go with 45c (3x villain's bet) as a default, but a 2c difference isn't going to alter your fold equity much, if at all. If he has Qx, 9x or junk, he's folding, but if he has two pairs or KJ/KT, you'll get all the money in eventually anyway.
      Well played.
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