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Loosening up and a self-evaluation

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  • Loosening up and a self-evaluation

    Hi guys, I think I may have hit a massive problem which I think I need to nip in the bud early. I've played cash games live before at Casinos, I've always thought I was slightly looser than TAG but knew what I was doing... PSO has taught me that I was actually LAG... sometimes LP because I thought I was being clever and trapping and I definitely didn't know what I was doing. I think luck and image presence at the table plus good reads were the only thing that helped me win. Dave (TheLangolier) has evaluated some of my hands and I can hear him screaming inside that I am opening from early/middle position with way too many speculative hands (well he would be if he saw all my hands). The issue is... I feel like it's working... but I know that long-term it's gonna screw me over. I now feel like I'm LMAG... or loose mega aggressive. Is this normal, have you guys had this... is it cockiness or something... the opposite of tilt, where I think I can do nothing wrong and then bang... down to Earth hard? Is this style only good at 2NL because of the number of recreational players? My plan is to nip this in the bud... concentrate on building bankroll up slowly but surely... and maybe speculate when I have position? (I love stealing blinds though... need to cure that too). Appreciate all of your views and experiences. umbup: Steer me towards TAG please! Cheers, Apex

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    I went from clueless - loose passive - lagtard - tight passive - tight aggressive(what i thought was tight aggressive, i was actually clicking buttons) - loose aggressive - nit - to something i am now, yet i do not play any style particular.
    I have always tried to adjust, so do that imo.
    Some examples - i recently played about 200 hands on a table with 3 rock tight nits, now i was opening about 35% of my hands and had good profits over those hands. Reason - everyone was playing very tight and i could take away pots in position easy.
    On the other hand, if you have spewtards on your table who will play every hand and never fold, u can play very nitty, like 8/8 and make a good profit, because they will pay off your big hands.
    It really depends, i think it is good to find style which you feel comfortable playing.
    And NEVER stop blind stealing, it is essential part of the game, especially in the 6max, where good hands do not come around that often. Very good post on blind stealing
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      Thanks CrazYJohnnie.

      Perfect reply! I think my style changes with the players at the table, so that's obviously not a bad thing!

      Thanks for the link too... and good luck!



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