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2NL FR, KK UTG, when to fold

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  • 2NL FR, KK UTG, when to fold

    Hi guys, Got a quick question about over-pairs and danger cards and would appreciate your views of my thoughts. __________________________ Preface Dealt KK UTG, have no real info on Villain but suspect is quite loose. Pre-flop standard raise, I would've 4-bet if I could've done, so I feel they don't hand premium premium hands (I wish I thought about that later on in the hand now!) I'm over-paired on the flop, turn comes and am scared than Villain may have A5 to make a straight, river comes and am even more scared by the set! I keep C-betting, Villain's stack is low on the river so I shove it hoping for a loose call or no-showdown. ________________________ Specific Questions 1) Bearing in mind the "danger" cards that come out which I recognise and the possible range of the Villain... when would have been a good time to stop C-betting? I'm worried to stop barreling would show a weakness in a strong hand and I could still represent a set, full-house or a straight (obviously that one's no good here!). 2) Would your answer change if I had 99 or even just two over cards just as AK or KJ? ________________________ As always, any help is much appreciated! umbup: Thanks, Apex

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    Hi Apex, I think there is no reason for us to stop betting here. We have a strong hand and the board is dry sometimes we will get slowplayed vs sets but that is a small portion of villain's range and we can still beat 8x, TT, 99, 77, 66, 55. I think this is the case given stack sizes. The turn does not worry me too much only A5s and 65s improve, but they can now also call with AT, AJ, AQ that floated flop. If they are calling flop with A5s then they will call the same amount with A2 so now we can bet turn also for value against A2s. The river makes it less likely they have a set because now we remove two fours from the deck. I wouldn't play this hand any different when the villain plays passively.

    99 would be slightly different because there would be less hands we beat, but again because of stack sizes I would play it the same. AK/AQ I think is different because I would not cbet the flop against three opponents or atleast not bet the turn because the 2 is not a scare cards for hands that call us OTF.

    I hope this helps answer your questions. GL at the tables!


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      Thank George.

      No wonder I was so confused... some times I have to just lose to slow-players I guess.





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