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AQo on A high board - missed value?

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  • AQo on A high board - missed value?

    Villain is 32/21, AGf of 6. Only 20 hands though so small sample. I 3bet pre because I felt he would call with crap that I am ahead of as well as pocket pairs that I can outflop. I make the standard cbet and get raised. This is not unexpected because I will be cbetting this board so often after a 3bet and he can reasonably think I might fold an A high board with non A hands if I wasn't just following through. Didn't feel a raise was optimal but never folding. Turn goes check/check. Given that action, should I be sticking out a value bet here to target worse A hands. I think when turn checks through that his flop raise was either a bluff or a slightly spewy value bet with a worse Ace. I doubt at this stage he has a real value hand. I was thinking a half pot bet or something around that on the river?

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    I would bet $3.50 or so OTR. Villain could have an underpair, weaker ace, or flush draw that they decided to raise OTF.


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      Hi bhoy

      That's an ugly spot to be in OTF. It's so confusing when we don't know anything about villain. I could say that we can call preflop instead of 3bet if we know that the BB won't squeeze. Maybe I prefer a value 3bet preflop vs CO or BTN open.

      When they raise the flop they can do this with two pair (if they call 3bets with A5/A2; basically the reason why you 3bet your AQ) or raise with a weaker Ace, sets, FDs. And I think a call is reasonable only if they raise with a FD AND weaker Ax; I'm very happy with the turn because now its less likely they have a set or two pair which means they are either on a FD or weaker Ax; I'd like to say we can actually lead turn for 1/2 pot and expect calls from both FDs and weaker Ax. Given the action, I think its going to be hard for our opponent to bluff or to call a bet from us so I feel it can go both ways but I personally would have gone with a 44% pot bet OTR.


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        Interesting hand. I tend to flat pre vs UTG or MP, but 3-betting is fine too. Post-flop is also good. I would check the river, hoping villain will take another stab with his busted flush draw. Small samplesize notwithstanding, his high AF leads me to believe he'll make a suicide bluff quite often.
        I doubt he's ever calling with worse if you make a value-bet, so just check to induce, and snap it off if he obliges.
        Bracelet Winner


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          Am still working on my ranging of loose passives, and noticed this is is one of those 3-straight/2-flush/1-gap boards ... did the villain have A4, A3, 5h Xh, etc by any chance?

          Guess I'll have to wait for the reveal to see


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            This is the easiest BET/FOLD situation OTR IOM.


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              I like the 3bet. I think lots of players call 3bet too wide ip, including regs. I think it is a lot more profitable as we have to check fold a lot of flops. I would only flat against a villain I know who is relatively tight and knows how to fold to 3bet. As everyone said, 1/2p bet on turn is the best option as it makes your decision making process easy and you can fold to a reraise. Check the river and consider calling a non-heart as I think he will have some flush draws in his range. That being said in my experience villains are much less likely to bet missed draws with such large pots.


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                I dont like leading the turn if he does have Ax he can just jam the turn expexting you to snap off with a draw if you bet 3.20 ish into the the 6.30.


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                  Kind of surprised this got quite a few comments but I do welcome them all.

                  I'm happy with the 3bet pre, but I agree a call can be good too. Flop, I was happy to call his raise, it doesn't really have to mean that he has two pair or a better Ace. I just felt he would figure I would cbet so often there that he can take me off a lot of hands when I don't have an ace.

                  I'm not sure why it would be good to lead out on turn? If I lead out on turn, is it not more or less the same as just 3betting the flop? If I bet turn for half pot, I've committed most of my stack, am I committed to calling off a shove?

                  On river, I feel half pot would have been good, but, as it turns out, he had KJo and wouldn't have called anyway. I just felt it was a situation I should have tried to get some value from worse Aces.



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